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Positive Vibes - Kentucky


Not trying to steal NI’s thunder, but this video needs plenty of play over the next three days.

PSU at Kentucky 2000




Have at it eric. Can’t get any more positive than that. Well, maybe with a win on Saturday.


That never gets old.

No need to go to the replay on any of those Crispin threes. ;D


[quote=“UncleLar, post:4, topic:2840”]That never gets old.

No need to go to the replay on any of those Crispin threes. ;D[/quote]

They truly dialed up from a different zip code, didn’t they.


At about 6:19 of that video it looks like some geezer Penn State fan behind the bench gets above the rim!


It’ll be interesting to see what Chambers’ gameplan is on Saturday. Does he slow it down and try to play more half court offense or does he keep pressing the uptempo style and try to run with them? I guess you take your chances and run wild and harrass them defensively and hope the shots are falling. If Woodyard and Oliver can knock down some 3’s with consistency, we CAN win this game.

I just see us either giving Kentucky all that they can handle until the last possession or two…or it gets very, very ugly. There won’t be an in between like an 8-10 point game.


Positive Vibes - Frazier goes off for 50, we score 65.


I hope there’s a Penn State family out there that can adopt both Tim Frazier and Trey Lewis. We seem to do better against Kentucky with brothers. :slight_smile:


Game is not on TV. I can pretend it never happened and we are still sitting at 3-0 :smiley:

I will have to somehow block out the espn ticker being the score will prob come across about every 3 mins


It’s going to be on


Thank God for my Xbox/PS3.


I was able to download updated rosters on college hoops 2k8 for 360 and started a season. I just played Kentucky last night and lost 60-56. Had to try to slow the pace down lol.


I don’t think Chambers will try to slow it down. He even noted yesterday what great shape the team was in physically, and figured they could have gone hard another 5:00.


I should wear this in support on Saturday. It had some good luck in it during the 2001 season


I know he will never admit it, but do you think Jon regrets transfering to UCLA to rot on the bench rather than staying and playing huge minutes on a bad team?


When it serves him (i.e. helps him get the BTN color commentator gig) but since the UCLA days got him his foot in the door for his modeling/acting career (as brief as it was) probably not.


Just unreal shooting. You have to have a night like that to have a chance to beat Kentucky AND they did it at Rupp!


Thinking positive:

Vanderbilt tripped over Cleveland State, UCLA tripped over Loyola Marymount, Pitt tripped over Long Beach State. Why can’t Kentucky trip over Penn State?

Pomeroy gives us a 6% chance to win - that’s more than most of America would give us!

Our offense has been fairly effective despite poor 3-pt shooting. Just think if we have a hot shooting day (50%)!


So, you’re saying there’s a chance?