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Positive Vibes (Central Connecticut State)

Let’s get this party started…

Tim swipes five steals.

Cam cans five treys.

Jeff swats five shots.

Penn State wins 78-63

Bubby is… well, Bubby, and that’s plenty.

and Brooks gets his double-double.

The 5 starters all have double doubles. (Hey, CCSU is short. And maybe we can count Tim’s double double as rebounds and assists. :slight_smile: )

Brooks monster dunk and alley-oop both make SportsCenter.

Mop up time starts at the second tv timeout and our bench gets a bit deeper.

Positive Vibes (no poetry form here)

-Game will be shown in HD (since I’m not a local, this is seriously positive)
-Brooks continues to bring his positive, energetic game to new heights
-Frazier finds form and knocks a few stop-and-pop fade-away jumpers that JC taught him
-Jones uses both right and left hand for easy buckets down low
-Oliver continues his bid to be Mr. Hustle of the year award (love his style of play)
-Buie gets more PT and takes advantage by making sound basketball decisions
-Battle…well…is Battle.
-This team has the confidence that I was hoping for last year. It makes a world of difference and I applaud the players and staff for making it happen. I have no idea what their record will be come mid-March, but just seeing the attitude change alone is a great step for the program.

  • 4-0 sounds really good

Here’s to the boys playing a great game.

The starters do their job and we build a huge halftime lead.
We get to see guys like Buie, Bowman, Graham, and Marshall play for extended periods in the second half to show us their abilities.
Everyone feels good about ourselves and confident heading into Ole Miss ;D

-Talor plays <30 minutes

-Jeff Brooks plays angry…Fairfield angry

-The new kids come in, and get some first half time.

-Buie finds his confidence and stroke. Sees 20+ minutes of action.