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Positive Vibes - Boston College


All right…enough with all this Syracuse/ESPN/Sandusky/Pure Energy vs eric17 and the rest of the board fued.

Time to put on your :smiley: and make some positive comments toward the team and their game tonight at Boston College at 7:15 on ESPNU…oh BTW…speaking of positive vibes, Jim Valvano’s famous speech will air at 7:00.

Timmy flirts with a triple double 21-9-8
Trey steps up with 15
Travis rocks the rim thrice.

Penn State 63
Boston College 57


We score at least 20 points in the first half on the road!

The second half the team plays like they have all year and gives the BigTen the title for the 3rd straight year.


Just give me 45% from the floor and Billy knocking down at least three 3 pointers.


Smaller Crowd than the BJC. Should feel like a home game


BC thinks they can win at home vs. the young Lions.

Break their hearts boys…

Lions 60 BC 58


I’m still trying to figure out why BC consideres themselves a catholic college… I mean, I thought you had to either be named after a saint, or have some wierd to pronounce ethic name like “Notre” “Xavier” or even “Villanova” (not hard to pronounce, but very ethnic)

Oh, and nothing like travelling NORTH to play at an ACC school. I mean, really, who ARE these BC folks anyway ::slight_smile: Let’s go get 'em!!!


We shoot better than 50% and get our first road win.


We have played much better than BC and they are just plain terrible.




[quote=“bballguy, post:8, topic:2885”]We have played much better than BC and they are just plain terrible.



I’m with you bballguy, I think we beat them by at least 15. Pressure, pressure, pressure.


Boston College is awful.

  • 2 players not named Timmy score double figures.

  • 2 players not named Timmy get 8+ rebounds