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Positive Vibes - Big Ten Tournament


In what I hope will be the first of four sub-installments of this PV thread, I present to you the Indiana Hoosiers - Thursday at 2:00 on BTN.

I like this line and quote from Timmy from a recent AP article:

Frazier, like a good team captain, is dwelling on the [b]positives[/b] and hoping to capture some of the magic that helped the Nittany Lions get far in the Big Ten tournament last March.

“What we learned last year is anything can happen. No one thought we could make that run,” he said Monday. “Everybody has equal opportunity.”

Penn State 68
Indiana 67



A win on the road… We Are Overdue!


This is not a true “road” game, this is a game at a nuetral site.

We are a .500 ballclub in games played on nuetral ground.

We have a 50/50 shot. I like them chances.


A win away from home… We Are Overdue!



Matt Roth and Jordan Hulls can’t hit the broad side of an Indiana barn, unlike the game at the BJC earlier this year, and we move on to Friday to spoil someone else’s weekend!


Indiana struggles on defense in Indianapolis. Penn State gets a convincing win and pulls an upset.

PSU 80
IU 70


Memo to PC…

Starting lineup should be…Tim, Jon, Ross, Jermaine, Trey…
The bench…in impartant roles…Sasa, Nick, Matt

Trey to have his breakout game of the season, him and Jermaine hitting on all cylinders, Jon and Ross cleaning it up inside…

Tim running things and scoring big hoops in crunch time.

Sasa…drive from the corner,he gets Zeller to commit foul #2 with 14 min left 1st half (remember the drive on Draymond Green?)

With all that

PSU 78
IU 69

We got it.


Indiana throws up so many bricks that they lay a new roof on the arena.

Penn State 2
Indiana 1