Positive Karma Thread: What good came from tonight?


Now that my angst has cleared (for the most part) I thought maybe we could use clear minds to discuss what good could come from tonight.

-First of all, PSU now gets a game against a likely mid pack Conference USA squad. This certainly isn’t going to be a disasterous effect on RPI.

-Secondly, PSU’s third game will be against Davidson, South Florida, LaSalle, or South Carolina. I dont think any of us would have complained about scheduling either of these teams.

-This leads me to my most practical point. I think tonight has taught us that PSU is capable of being very good but not quite ready for the prime time yet. Therefore, Ive convinced myself that the Tulane game and whomever we get last will be more suitable competition leading up to Big Ten play. None of these teams are bad and perhaps better for our young team to learn against than jumping right in to Miami and South Carolina. Unlike last years Philly tournament where we earned trash competition after the Rhode Island loss, we will get some pretty nice games…


I think one positive is that we were 81% from the line.

We definitely need Jones and Ott to come up bigger, and our perimeter D needs to improve.

Frazier is scoring pretty well the last two games.


I figured out how to watch The Lions (and some other teams) on p2p. ;D


DJ/Brooks hit their shots 8-11 between them.

They made a 13 point hole turn into a 2 point game.

81% from the line

The loss came right before break

9 steals


Tim Frazier looks like we may finally have a player that can ice games at the FT line. He has a very nice stroke and looks very confident up there. He’s also an excellent on-ball defender.

Jeff Brooks is finally realizing that he can take players off the dribble. He may not finish right now, but having the confidence to put it on the floor and blow by his mand is huge.

The team again showed fight when the got down. It’s too bad it took a 13 point deficit to show the heart/fight, however it’s a classic sign of a young team that they think they can just go out there and cruise to W’s (I know how experienced Battle/Jones/Brooks/DJ are, however we lost a whole bunch and it will take some time before these guys that were formerly role players step up and realize what it takes to win).


A wake up call, hopefully


I thought Frazier was great. Shooting only 1-8, but determined and tough, esp at the end when needed. He’s a gamer, and will improve game by game. I’ll take his effort and results tonight every game.

The fouls Battle and Frazier got had UNCW in the bonus very early, enabling PSU to not only get points, but slowed down the game, giving the team more time to catch up. I think it was 13 points at about 11 minutes, then 4-5 points at 7 minute mark. Hope this continues. PSU wasn’t in the bonus til very late when they were intentionally fouling.

Good FT shooting. Frazier does look good here, very good.

Brooks showed flashes of greatness.


Kid, how soon will it be when Fraizer starts.

How soon should it be before Fraizer starts.


Beat me to it mh41…maybe I should have done this “positive” thing earlier today.

Anyway…spilt milk…no use crying over it.

One thing and one thing only should be on the minds of the Nits…beat Tulane.

Maybe LaSalle can pull a shocker and we’ll get USC in the final of the losers bracket.


Losing occasionally in November and December is not a big deal if you learn from it and improve and it helps you get ready for the conference schedule. I saw correctable problems tonight, and I think the coaching staff will address them. A disappointing result against UNCW, sure, but far from a disaster. I think we’ll be okay in time, once everyone gets more comfortable in their roles. It seemed likely to me and others that there would be a couple bumpy moments in the OOC schedule.


[quote=“TJM78, post:8, topic:299”]Kid, how soon will it be when Fraizer starts.

How soon should it be before Fraizer starts.[/quote]

I don’t know, but I don’t think there’s any problem with the guard play. Even Highberger is good. Babb had a bad night, Frazier doesn’t shoot that well, but overall, Frazier is a jet, tough, good handle, great ups, good hands(did you see him catch that Battle long skip pass? That was sweet.) He got burnt on a couple of steal attempts vs. Tomko, but a rookie mistake, and he stopped doing that after getting burnt twice. Live and learn. Babb does seem a bit limited to launching 3’s, as craftsy mentioned. He should drive some, like Battle and Frazier do. He’s so much bigger. I don’'t know who should start. I think you may see 3 guard offense, like Pringle, Battle, Danny was. If Frazier and Battle do that every game, drive like crazy, teams will get in major foul trouble. You’d just like to see taller guys get fouled inside, as they should be able to finish better. Frazier and Battle were getting belted, but couldn’t finish. Lucky they weren’t hurt.

Haven’t seen Edwards, can’t wait. I know he’s not supposed to be a 4, but we don’t have a player playing like one now(except for maybe Sasa), so what’s the difference? And he’s listed as 6’6", 235, which puts him 25 and 35lbs. heavier than DJ and Brooks respectively, only behind Ott and Jones(and tied with Sasa)in weight. If the bigger, heavier guys aren’t going to mix it up underneath, who is?

I think the RMU game might’ve had same outcome, as they pressed the arc, but they ran out of gas. UNCW didn’t.

(sorry, didn’t mean to hijack this thread, was just answering a question posed to me)


Everyone has a chance to readjust their expectations for this season.


Let’s also keep another tournament in mind. Remember this line…

                                           Min    FG    FGA  FTM   FTA   3Pt   3PtA   Pts

11/22 S Carolina L 74-67 31 5 17 2 3 1 10 13
11/23 @Rider L 82-73 18 0 2 0 0 0 1 0
11/25 @C Florida L 70-59 33 1 13 0 0 0 9 2
TOTAL 82 6 32 2 3 1 20 15

He shot 18% from the field, 5% from 3, only went to the line 3 times the whole tournament.

The early few games do not truly depict the player. How has this one done so far? He actually had a pretty good game in the upset of Va Tech directly following this tournament.

It’s one game, folks. One game.


What good?? Man, I’m glad I didn’t try to answer this a few hours ago… Here’s my take:

  1. Agree that the best lessons are sometimes the failures. I just wish the lessons were in the Semis or Finals, and not the First round. That doesn’t look good.
  2. First chace to see some of the new guys live. Frazier’s a player… Talor’s a player. I’ve always said that you need to recruit 1 “player” each year, and that’ll fill your roster out, and then you build role players around them. Unless you’re OSU or Fab 5, it’s hard to get more than 1 each class. Hopefully Buie’s next year’s “Player”. We’ll be OK talent-wise.
  3. Talor really tried to take matters into his own hands in the 2nd half, with very mixed results. I think their D was really geared towards stopping him and then take their chances on the other 4. I think that’s going to happen a LOT this year. The quicker Talor learns how to get the other guys involved, the quicker we’ll be successful (and the better his looks will get)

I agree that some of the problems were “correctable” It’s how qucikly the guys learn them will determine how successful we’ll be this year.


I feel bad for the guys, I know they are bummed, but hopefully they will win the next two.

Good things I noticed:

  1. I love it when Mr. Brooks drives hard straight to the hoop. I hope he starts doing that more.
  2. I saw several plays work well.
  3. Battle looked good drawing fouls.

The bottom line with hoops is if the team you are playing starts hitting 3’s like crazy, they are going to beat you. It is actually a nice feeling to be disappointed with a loss. Not too long ago losing was pretty much expected. Working out the kinks and getting used to playing with a new team is what the nonconference schedule is all about. I still think it is going to be another fantastic year for PSU hoops, and I will attend every home game. Go State!


A couple positives:

  1. FT shooting by Battle and Frazier

  2. Frazier is a baller

  3. Sasa is a good passer

  4. Brooks is finally being aggressive. His dunk attempt solicited a “woah” from Jay Williams doing commentary of the game.


Low # of turnovers. 5, I think.


At least we don’t play NJIT this year :wink:


We won’t always shoot so poorly–Babb will find his stroke. Frazier impressed me with his tenacity. Once he gets experience, he’s going to be a special player. Jones will be OK. I think he’s trying to do too much when he gets the ball. Seems like he makes really good moves to get a shot, then puts it up too hard. He’ll find that touch and be a force underneath. Brooks is really starting to get the hang of it on offense. Now he needs to translate that to the defensive end and on the glass.

This team has the players. They just need to learn how to play with each other, and what their roles are. I would have liked to see DJ and Brooks more involved in the offense in the second half. Perhaps they’ll review this game and realize that those guys can be used more on offense (like the alley-oop to Brooks that brought the game to 2).


I think it’s a pretty good sign we can put up 70 points, even without many 3’s falling.