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Poll - Recruiting Thread or Threads?

What should we do with the recruiting thread?

  • Single Recruiting Thread
  • Recruiting Thread For Each Class
  • Other (describe in a post)

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Could I respectfully suggest that there be a separate thread for every recruiting class?

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Not sure that’s a good idea.

When I go looking for recruiting information, I could care less about what class a kid is in. I just want to know the latest.

Also, if I was interested in finding out something about a particular kid, I’d have to know what class he’s in to check on him and there’s a good chance I don’t know what specific class a kid is going to be in. What am I to do? Open up 3 different threads?

What do we do if a kid reclassifies? Move all the posts about him to a new thread?

What about a post like the one that was just made? If references kids in three different classes. What to do? Put up three posts? Seems like a waste of time, especially since anyone wanting to keep up on recruiting is bound to open up all three since they will be flagged with a New Item tag. Wouldn’t you then be dismayed to be greeted with the exact same post three times?

Then again, you didn’t describe the problem that you are trying to fix. Perhaps there’s an issue I don’t understand.

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It works very well on the MacAndrew Rivals board. It’s not so much to quarantine the classes, but to have some dividing line to create manageable threads.

There’s also a lot more football recruiting info per class

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I don’t follow recruiting THAT closely… I would find it helpful to separate out the kids who could soon sign for the next incoming class vs the Juniors and below who won’t sign for some time.
Maybe instead of a separate thread for each class, one thread for the current class and one for the “underclassmen” as the buzz builds around the younger guys we won’t sign for a while.

When an academic year comes to an end, can we give you the project to go through the “underclassmen” thread to separate out the next “current” class and move them into a thread of their own?

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Let’s get one of interns from the Penn State Sports Information Office that focuses on men’s basketball to do it! Oh, wait…

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I’ll start the thread up and once that seed is planted I’m sure it will organically grow as people notice new info and think “He’s for this year’s class” and start putting their info into the new thread. The old posts can be left where they were since they were underclassmen at the time they were posted.

If it matters, my preference is to keep it “as is”/consolidated - but will read all new posts in either thread, redardless.

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That’s one of my points. If everyone is going to read new posts in both threads, which I think they will, doesn’t creating multiple threads become counterproductive. I’m still struggling with “what’s the problem that we are trying to fix?” The only thing that I’ve seen is it’s a way to avoid the 10,000 post limit that we just bumped into in the old thread.

I’m not sure that the effort to figure out what Recruiting Class thread a recruiting post belongs in is worth the effort if it’s just to avoid an issue that will pop up every ten years (that’s how long the last thread ran before we hit 10K posts). I think the threads will become a lot less manageable, e.g. “where do I put this post?”, rather than more. We are bound to get posts in the wrong thread and somebody will have to move it.

Since I don’t follow the recruiting as closely as others, I only pretty much read the recruiting thread and don’t contribute, so to that end I’m grateful to those who post the news as that’s my only source for what I learn about who we’re recruiting.
The “problem” we’re trying to fix is because they’re all mixed together, it doesn’t help me at all in determining how the next recruiting class is shaping up (which is my primary concern) or who the key “gets” or “misses” are in the next class. There are too many kids, and too many classes for me to keep it all straight.
That said, since I don’t contribute here and don’t follow it close enough to already know the details, I don’t feel in the position to request a change in how we’ve always done things. I am just pointing out the advantage of having a separate thread, and maybe it won’t be that hard to maintain so long as the folks posting to those threads make sure they post to the right one based on the kid they’re posting about.

Personally, I’d like to separate the threads by year. Not so much for real-time tracking, but rather for the benefit of historical referencing. Since recruiting hindsight is always 20-20, I wish it was a heckuva lot easier to go back and see the debates we were having about prospects instead of trying to remember when those discussions were happening.

And not to discredit Lar or the work he’s done over the years with the matrix, but I find Verbal Commits to be by far the best tweet aggregator about recruiting. They make it a lot easier for us to verify what we’re tracking IMO.


If you want to find out the debates we were having on a particular player, search on his name within the recruiting thread.

FYI - the UL matrix is meant to identify any public mention of PSU recruiting someone. It makes no claim about the validity of such mentions. In fact, it does the exact opposite.

“Every few months I have to remind people that the only thing that the matrix purports to do is reflect what has been published about PSU’s hoops recruiting. I make zero claims about it accurately reflecting what’s going on (in fact if I had to put odds on it, I’d say it’s probably only about 30% right).”