Pittsburgh Summer League


Starts on Monday. They play Monday and Wednesday at Greentree Sports Plex.
No WVU kids this year. But most/or all of ~itt’s, Duquesne and RM kids. More “old timers” this year. Aaron Gray, Carl Krauser, Armon Gilliam, etc. Gilliam must be mid to late 40s. The other PSU name on the rosters is Darren Tielsch.

For info go to the Pittsburgh Basketball Club site.


Pgh Summer League had a very successful first night yesterday. Everything was very well organized and the games were fast and fun filled. I want to thank John Giammarco and his staff who runs this league as well as numerous local HS/youth summer leagues (almost 90 teams.) John’s mission is to help return Pittsburgh area basketball to the glory years of the past (60s and 70s.) The amount of time/effort he puts into area basketball is amazing!!
Thoughts from last:
~itt back up big guys Taylor and Zanna have made much improvement from last year. Taylor is lighter and has more lift and energy. He could be ~itt’s sole NBA player from this roster.
Zanna is as not as far along. But he is very athletic and is starting to understand basketball at this level. Still needs more time but a very fine prospect.
~itt has two fine incoming Freshman in Wright and Moore. Typical ~itt kids. About 3.5 star level recruits who will be very good college players.
Duquesne’s Freshman T.J. McConnell (Suzie’s nephew) was great last night! I have seen McConnell since he was an approx. 5-1 110 pound Freshman at Char Valley HS. Well he is about 6-0 now. I wasn’t sure he could play this well at this level. He out played ~itt’s PG Tra Woodall. He will be quite a player for the Dukes!
The star of the night was play ground legend Lamar Castile. Castile is a 6-2 guard who played for Brashear HS and Beaver CC. He declared for the NBA draft in 2003. I don’t know anything about him after that date. He was great last night. Strong and explosive who made a ton of shots/rebounds/dunks. His style of play reminded me of South Florida’s Dominique Jones.

It’s too bad there isn’t a similar league where PSU kids could play.


I’ve always wondered if there were a way for our guys to take classes at either the Greater Allegheny or Abington campuses during the summer. I realize that course offering would be limited & it would be tougher to monitor off season workouts.


Ended last night. Again…GREAT THANKS to John Giamarco and his Pittsburgh Basketball Club. The management of the event gets better every year!!
MVP - Ashton Gibbs, ~itt

Gilbert Brown - 6’6, Pitt
Lance Jeter - 6’4, Nebraska
Ashton Gibbs - 6’2, Pitt
T.J. McConnell - 6’0, Duquesne
Russell Johnson - 6’6, Robert Morris
Gary McGhee - 6’10, Pitt
Eric Evans - 5’10, Duquesne
JJ Richardson - 6’7, Pitt

JJ Moore - 6’6, Pitt
Jerry Jones - 6’5, Duquesne
Lamar Patterson - 6’5, Pitt
Talib Zanna - 6’9, Pitt
Anthony Myers - 6’5, Robert Morris
Michael Talley - 6’0, Duquesne

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR - T.J. McConnell, Duquesne

Nick Novack - 6’2, Pitt Johnstown
JD Adamsky - 6’6, Penn State Altoona
Jon Guest - 6’3, Washington & Lee
Jim Wood - 6’6, Mt. Union
Brian Wannamaker - 6’2, Texas Weslyan
Nick Nvorsky Penn State Erie

SMALL SCHOOL MVP - Jim Wood, Mt. Union

Kyle Goldcamp - 6’10, Gannon
Griffen Abel - 6’4, Pitt
Jeremey Chappel - 6’3, Robert Morris
Lamar Castille - 6’4, CCBC
Dallas Green - 6’8, Robert Morris
Corey Diethorn - 6’6, Assumption

Gibbs edged G. Brown for MVP. Probably came down to the last night. Gibbs was very good. Brown had problems with Lance Jeter.

P.S. Patterson and Zanna both played last year. They also played some for ~itt last season, BUT they received Medical waivers for the season.
Surprise player of the league was T.J. McConnell from Char Valley H.S. He could really boost Duquesne’s attendance and level of play.


Did Brad Wanamaker play, just not very well? Brian (originally went to CCSU) must be living with him out in Pittsburgh. Forgot about Lance Jeter after he went to Cincy for football. Interesting that he will be playing in the Big 10 soon. I always liked Russell Johnson in high school. I hope he has a good career at RMU.


Brad Wanamaker played OK. His game is really changing as he gets older. As a freshman he was very quick and had nice PG skills. He is now heavier and stronger. He is a very mature looking/acting player. Kind of a multi 2-3 mix. He will start and be one of the main guys at ~itt. Lance Jeter got VERY heavy out of HS. He has lost some weight but is still husky. He is a kid who is not “built like a basketball player” but plays very well. Looking at his stats, he had a lot of assists last year for Nebraska. But, I think this coming season will be his last. So…he will not be a BigTen12 player.
Johnson is developing nicely. Him and Lijah Thompson from Philly are Robert Morris’ top front court players.

P.S. Like Brad Wanamaker many of the ~itt kids just have the look of 25-27 year olds. In fact some of them have been very “old” for college ball. They seem to get prep kids and they red-shirt more than most.


Thanks for the information.

Brad has always looked older, at least in the face. I agree with your assessment of the Pitt players. They don’t have too many slightly built players. So Lance is finally a senior. Feels like he graduated high school 6-7 years ago. I liked Thompson in high school as well. Not very skilled, but very athletic and tough. He had good hands and was a very good finisher. With some skills added to his game, he could be a BEAST in the NEC.


Pitt does great job with strength and conditioning. DeJuan Blair & Aaron Grey were transformed from very large, but doughy high schoolers to beasts at Pitt.

[quote="NICU, post:7, topic:1235"]I agree with your assessment of the Pitt players. [b]They don't have too many slightly built players. [/b][/quote]

Pitt does great job with strength and conditioning. DeJuan Blair & Aaron Grey were transformed from very large, but doughy high schoolers to beasts at Pitt.

Great point. Not just the bulking up, but also the trimming down, when needed.