Pick up games


Doesn’t anyone have any input or thoughts on how the informal scrimmages are going, how the freshmen are working out, I was told that Frazier is someone to watch out for, but NOTHING else. Like many of our fans, we bought our tickets and are dreaming about what is happening. Please somebody “feed us” to get our minds back on basketball.


While this doesn’t have anything to do with pickup games I have been disappointed with the lack of information coming out of the SID. Last year we were treated to videos of freshman arrivals but nothing this year. :frowning:

What gives?


I am wondering if they are rebuilding the site much like gopsf.com did. I can see lack of content if there is new look for the site coming soon.


I hope that’s the case because I really enjoyed the vids and it certainly doesn’t make sense to cut back on something that was drumming up interest in the program (besides winning).


It seems to me that there’s a lot of information coming out on Twitter and via the Facebook groups about PSU basketball. Maybe they’re trying to get more people involved in the social networking.

And, since that’s a big part of the current gopsf.com site (Which used a picture of mine from Flickr recently!), I think that makes sense.