Peter Alexis scores 33 in playoff win


Peter scored 33 to lead all scorers in Holy Redeemer’s triple overtime playoff win over West Scranton. Not much mention of Peter in the story. Good news is that he’s scoring a lot against tougher competition. Bad news is that he was 5-12 from the foul line.


Game high 33 points and hes barely mentioned… good or bad thing?

What is Alexis averaging this season?


I can’t find what he’s averaging. There’s something called 570Varsity that has a lot of stats. According to that, he’s score 543 points this year - don’t know how many games they’ve played.

Here’s a link.



Peter barely got a mention because Redeemer needed a half court 3 pointer to tie the game and send it to OT #2 or #3. Peter played big but he needed a prayer to get a chance to win. I guess it pays to play for a Catholic School when you need a prayer answered. ;D


What is the length of the OT periods in PA? 33 pts. may not be that impressive given that the game may have been 33% longer than a usual game. However, I am still hoping for the best with Peter.


True. But he also had 36 the game before. Not a fluke… I hope. :wink:


Peter scoring points is not a fluke. His competition might be though.


True we don’t have many 6’11" kids up in District 2. However, next year Christian Skrepanek will be a wide body for him to bang with at GAR. I believe he is only a Freshman this year.