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Watch out tjb for a jump in traffic.


Since I’ve written these pieces, I’ve learned that I’m not entirely alone. There are others , and they’ve shared the burden I thought I was carrying alone


they lost to Purdue after a terrible out-of-bounds call and a last-second shot.

Still think of this call every time we play out there, including this week.


I think of the 2 free throws Mike had in 2018 to tie it up and how upset he was when he missed the first one.

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A lost member of our tribe. I recommend a contingency initiation ceremony before things really take off around here.

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one of us, One Of Us, ONE OF US




I’ve never understood where this comes from.

“most of the prime seats are held by people who bought them simply because the purchase of basketball tickets affords them the privilege of being able to buy football tickets”

There’s never been any connection between buying basketball tickets and football tickets.


Hello, world.

Welcome to the climb.


When I read about Weinreb keeping score books at the the game, it reminded me that when I was in high school, I kept journals of Penn State’s games, writing up “articles” on the games as if I were a sportswriter. (I may still have those journals in a trunk somewhere; there is little doubt that such collectibles would be worth 25 cents today.)

I am among the 37.

If anything, the purchase of football tickets affords them the privilege of being able to buy basketball tickets. It’s really about NLC points and all the points of the larger football donors allowed prime BJC tickets to be bought.

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and a power forward with a considerable rear end who called himself Big House.

I happened to see firsthand at a party that Phil Williams did not like the name Big House. He was very polite, yet very firm, in letting my 5’5" friend know that fact.


Ran into Michael Jennings one night and he was not thrilled about Q-tip, either.


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Not really. You were able to purchase prime BJC tickets if you contributed to the BJC construction fund, i.e. the Founders Club and the Presidents Club (one required a $25K contribution, the other required a $10K contribution). Neither of them were attached to football giving and you did not get NLC credit for the donation.

Now there may be considerable overlap between people who contribute to the NLC in order to buy football tickets and people who contributed to the BJC in order to buy basketball tickets but they are not connected. You could contribute to the BJC and get basketball tickets without contributing to the NLC and you would pick before the NLC donors (I know because that’s what I did).

Well I have pretty prime seats by using my NLC point total to upgrade over the years and I never contributed to those funds. And I know others who have done the same. That is what I was talking about.

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How much better are your seats than someone who just upgraded without having any NLC points? Probably not much better. There hasn’t been any real demand for seats in ages. Anyone who wanted to improve their seats could have followed the same route that you did and they’d probably have pretty decent seats too. Season ticket holders who want to upgrade get first option before new buyers.

There has always been demand for the prime seats. I know because I went through the process many times. But It’s fine.

My ability to upgrade was based solely on my NLC point total btw.

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But football season ticket holder don’t get to jump ahead of you in line just because they suddenly decide that they want basketball tickets. As a season ticket holder, you get first choice over them.


That is also true.

Which means your “ability” to upgrade was based on your being a basketball season ticket holder not on the fact that you were a NLC contributor.