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Penn State Top 100 Athletes (8 basketball players)

This month’s Penn Stater Magazine published an article ranking Penn State’s top 100 athletes. Naturally, I don’t 100% agree with them but, all in all, I thought they did a pretty good job. Some observations:

First, here are the basketball players (in order to justify not sticking it OT). While substantial consideration for inclusion on the list seem to be given to an athlete’s accomplishments post-PSU, that didn’t seem to hold for hoops (perhaps because hoopsters haven’t accomplished all that much after leaving here).

  1. Jesse Arnelle
  2. Kelly Mazzante
  3. Suzie McConnell
  4. Susan Robinson
  5. Maggie Lucas
  6. Cumberland Posey
  7. Helen Darling
  8. Talor Battle

There were 65 men and 35 women on the list. Jack Ham (#1) and Candy Finn (#2) held down the top spot for their respective sexes.

Here are the sports represented (ranked by number of athletes on the list) along with each sport’s top athlete .

Football: 27 - Jack Ham #1
Volleyball: 18 (13W/5M) - Megan Hodge #6/Matt Anderson #21
Wrestling: 10 - David Taylor #9
Track: 9 (7M/2W) - Barney Ewell #7/Kathy Mills #16
Basketball: 8 (5W/3M) - Jesse Arnelle #5/Kelly Mazzante #22
Soccer: 7 (4W/3M) - Christie Welsh #24/Jim Stamatis #49
Field Hockey: 6 - Candy Finn #2
Gymnastics: 6 (2W/4M) - Ann Carr #11/Jean Cronstadt #41
Fencing: 5 (3W/2M) - Jana Angelakis #19/Thomas Strzalkowski #57
Lacrosse: 3 (3W) - Candy Finn #2
Swimming: 3 (2W/1M) - Mary Ellen Clarke #9/Shane Ryan #91
Baseball: 3 - John Montgomery Ward #36
Boxing: 2 - Steve Hamas #12
Hockey: 1 - Casey Bailey #93

Disclaimer: I didn’t double check my counts so I might be off by one or two here and there. Also the sport numbers add up to more than 100 because of multi-sport athletes.

Note: athletes that were competing for PSU during the 2018-19 year were excluded from the list but ten current athletes were listed who might be considered worthy of inclusion on any future list (including Lamar Stevens).

It’s interesting to see the sports that were excluded from the list.
Not one tennis player of either gender. And no Men’s lacrosse player (despite the fact we’ve played the sport for over 100 years!). To your point, Ament would be worthy of this list once he graduates.

Of course, we’ve had some great teams on the sports that ARE represented.

Kathy Mills is married to Nike CEO Mark Parker, another PSU track alum.

Lar, don’t you mean Jack Hamm #1? :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think there’s been a better athlete in any sport at PSU than Saquon.

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If this is some kind of joke, I don’t get it. :confused:

Saquon should be #1. However, PSA: the best thing to do with these type of lists is just to read them if you care but not debate them as they don’t matter. :grinning:

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If he continues to have success in the pros, he’ll climb the list. Ham didn’t make it to #1 just based on his college play. Heck, just based on what he did in college, Franco doesn’t belong on the list (he’s #44, one spot ahead of Lydell).

True (so might Mac O’Keefe - they were both on the current athlete excluded list, as was Trace McSorley). You could also consider Casey Bailey just a place holder for hockey. He’ll be replaced by the first Penn Stater to have any success in the NHL.

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His last name is Hamm, not Ham!

You’re thinking of Mia not Jack.

Ok sorry, my mistake!

Franko Harris was better

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I didn’t know that. Thanks.

Ann Carr is well-known as Penn State’s first female to receive an athletic scholarship but she’s probably less known as Penn State’s first female athlete to do a TV commercial.

I believe you mean Frank O’Harris.

I read it as top 100 pure athletes, more so than accomplished athletes. So yes, in that context, Barkley has plenty of room to ascend the list.