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Penn State-Minnesota IGT


Curtains are up all over the BJC. Doors about to open so we’ll see if it fills up.


Trey in street clothes


Gary Williams on the call today.


Back problems, according to the radio. Said it could be a few games, that he was in a good amount of pain.


I wonder if anyone calls Gary Williams “Shooter”


Love it when the students come out to the game like this


even though 99% of them aren’t really watching the game, but just waiting for the haltime Thon stuff?


Cam went up strong, we don’t do that all the time.


Our half court sets haven’t looked that great so far. Luckily we’ve gotten fouled and made ALL of our free throws. Hopefully we can get some stops so we can get out and run.


Yup, even though they’re waiting for Thon stuff. The BJC crackles more than normal. I feel like I’m at a playoff game or something.


I like our defense so far


Well that’s two passes that hit Camm in the head this year.


Cam with a three, and then another aggressive move to the rim several plays later. Sometimes it seems like these guys need to be a little more aggressive in order to open up the rest of their game… like they need woken up or something. It’s working right now anyways.


Aggressive like THAT Matt Glover!


Glover, and1


Nice confidence boost there for Glover.


Not a bad start.


These Nits are good kids and they have been coached up.


Cam feeling it. 11 pts, is that a career high?


Cam is on fire!!!