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Penn State getting respect!

2 votes in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches poll: and “consideration” on NBC’s latest bracket projection:

Let the fun begin! ;D

[quote=“noobd, post:1, topic:1754”]2 votes in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches poll: and “consideration” on NBC’s latest bracket projection:

Let the fun begin! ;D[/quote]I would love to know who those 2 votes came from ;D

I’d expect Izzo to be one of them. Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Could have been 1 vote at the 24 spot. I would suspect Izzo too.

Izzo isn’t even on the panel fellas.

Martelli is, though.

Hey I’ll happily take the votes, that was a great win on Saturday

The fact that we are receiving votes is freakin hilarious. Does Maine’s coach have a vote? Nothing like claiming you beat a top 25 team :smiley:

I love Penn State, but damn, I’ll have what they’re having.

So here’s the list of coach’s who vote

he USA TODAY/ESPN Board of Coaches is made up of 31 head coaches at Division I institutions. All are members of the National Association of Basketball Coaches. The board for the 2010-11 season: Mike Adras, Northern Arizona; Tommy Amaker, Harvard; Tevester Anderson, Jackson State; Ronnie Arrow, South Alabama; Randy Bennett, Saint Mary’s; Eddie Biedenbach, North Carolina-Asheville; Jim Boeheim, Syracuse; Rick Byrd, Belmont; Patrick Chambers, Boston University; Charlie Coles, Miami (Ohio); Ed Cooley, Fairfield; Scott Drew, Baylor; Steve Fisher, San Diego State; Don Friday, St…Francis (Pa.); Ben Jacobson, Northern Iowa; Rob Jeter, Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Billy Kennedy, Murray State; Billy Lange, Navy; Mike McConathy, Northwestern State; Bob McKillop, Davidson; Phil Martelli, Saint Joseph?s; Ronald “Fang” Mitchell, Coppin State; Matt Painter, Purdue; John Pelphrey, Arkansas; Herb Sendek, Arizona State; Shaka Smart, Virginia Commonwealth; Scott Sutton, Oral Roberts; Don Verlin, Idaho; Bob Williams, UC-Santa Barbara; Gary Williams, Maryland; Doug Wojcik, Tulsa.

My guess is in bold.

I love seeing us listed, but that is absolutely ridiculous. No reason for us to get votes yet.

What about Gary Williams? If we somehow got ranked, his road win in our house would look good on his team’s resume. Now would be a good time for ED to visit Curley and discuss an extension. :smiley:

I think folks have too high an opinion of the gulf between where we are and “etting votes”. If you can be competitive at all in the Big 10, you’re in the top 50 or 60 in a year like this. That still puts you a ways back from the tippy top. We’ve been down ao long everything looks like way up.

Watching CFB Championship on ESPN. They are saying how the wheels have come off for Michigan State’s hoops team because “they lost to Penn State

…what’s that Rodney Dangerfield quote?.. :-\

I was wondering if Ed had a vote.

Technically, the coaches poll says PSU is tied for #42nd in the country. Its not too far off, but I say between 60-75.

To get crazy with it (not my prediction by the way) for PSU to dance (not considering BTT), they really should win 17 games which would predict a final RPI of 38.3. 16 wins projects a final RPI of 47.9. PSU’s must win contests would be:

  1. -2.4 pts H Iowa
  2. -1.0 pts H Michigan
  3. -0.2 pts H Minnesota
  4. +0.5 pts H Northwestern
  5. +6.1 pts H Wisconsin
  6. +6.2 pts H Illinois
    7) +7.9 pts A Minnesota
    8 ) +8.5 pts A Northwestern

Not likely:

  1. +20.7 A Ohio State
  2. +18.4 A Purdue
  3. +14.3 A Illinois
  4. +14.2 A Wisconsin
  5. +12.7 H Ohio State
  6. +11.4 A Michigan State

17 wins would certainly add some nice B10 wins to PSU’s belt, but I’m not sure it would overwrite the abysmal OOC. I can see PSU picking up 5 or 6 more wins, realistically. But that puts them around .500 and nowhere close to Dancing. :-\

16 wins projects 1 47 final RPI. It would be interesting…9-9 in the B10 would do it I think. The 3 losses to BCS schools wouldn’t be lethal. Maine would certainly big a big fat black eye, however, wins over MSU (and to reach a 17 win total) some more good B10 schools would offset that one. You can’t discredit several nice wins but you can discredit a bad night loss so long as it is ONLY 1.

If there are any type of tie breakers, PSU will probably lose. The OOC is simply awful. Best win Furman, 4 losses including 200+ RPI Maine.

Ole Miss, Maryland and VT are all bubble teams. VT > Maryland > Ole Miss in terms of resumes, IMO.

We’ll see.

From an RPI perspective, the non-conference wasn’t nearly as abysmal as you’re making it sound. We didn’t get a single really good win which will certainly hurt. However, wins over teams like Duquesne and Fairfield certainly help, and the fact that we almost completely avoided dogs makes our non-conference SOS much better than it probably should be. Our non-conference RPI is currently 99th with a sos of 50th, which won’t help us but also won’t kill us.

Contrast that to 2008-2009 when our non-conference RPI was 115th.