Penn State 70, Penn 55


Battle went 27/10/4 in 39 minutes

No one else with more than 10 points or 27 minutes


Wait a second, he really played 39 minutes? Why?


So how did they look. I was busy pulling apart a laptop and replacing the fan assembly so I can give the machine to my godson.


Because nobody else could do much!


Based on what I saw:

Battle was Battle. Ready to go
Babb couldn’t score early, but played pretty good D and got a number of boards
Brooks: really played well, within himself. Maybe he’s finally going to break out
DJ: Lots of fouls, didn’t really get to do too much but did some good dirty work underneath
Jones: Just never got into it. Seemed like he couldn’t stop fouling (and most of them looked legit)

Woodyard looked good in the first half… not afraid to take the shot
Highberger was a surprise. Great shot, quick release, but so small…
Frazier seemed very tentative. Just needs experience
Oliver played a bit and looked OK, hard to say much more
Borovnjak also played a bit and looked OK, not afraid to dive for loose balls
Ott played really well. Maybe the best player off the bench in this game.


Thanks Ron. Was using my machine to read the removal procedure. Talk about a mess. We had to take the whole machine apart to get to the fans.


OK, so the chat might be easier, but I miss being able to go back and read the in-game thread. That was always a greeat way to find the ebb and flow of the game if I couldn’t at least listen to the game.

Went to HS playoff game tonight, so I couldn’t get anything until I got home…


Rob hit most everything on the head. Penn really tried to disrupt Jones early by double teams and it really just him uncomfortable all game. Brooks was looking good and in the flow, he was really looking like he wanted the ball in the second half. Highberger isn’t afraid to take shots and seems to have much better chemistry right now then frazier. Sasa is improving fast. He might move up the depth chart if he keeps putting in good games when he gets his chances.


I agree with ronb and draw. We need to find that 2nd scorer. Babb and Jones getting into foul trouble early didn’t help their chances at that role. Need to stop that. Liked what we saw of Highberger in the 1st half, but we didn’t see much of him in the 2nd. Brooks played very nice, hopefully this is him stepping up and becoming that guy we all thought he could become. I got a kick of seeing Sasha and Ott on the floor at the same time, both looked pretty nice. Hopefully this team won’t suffer from Geary syndrome with Battle (even though he was pretty great tonight) and this is just growing pains of getting the right chemistry together which they’ll solve very soon.


I feel like this is the sort of game that shows we just have some growth. Talor looked great, Jeff played within himself and looked good. Babb has some rust but he’ll be ok. And we got points from other places–Adam with two 3s and a nice spurt off the bench. We’ve got some work to do, but I wouldn’t say that this game was a bad sign. Got 43 points from guys other than Talor, nobody put up solid points but many different guys saw time and scored. What we really needed to see was that people could step up, and I think that with a little work there is a chance that we can be in a good position come Big Ten season. We should potential in where we can grow, thats what I wanted to see. I wasn’t expecting great basketball, but I wanted to leave feeling like maybe a few games down the road things would look better.

Good players will score…Blake Griffen would put up nasty numbers and nobody else would score that much sometimes, they played solid D, he got his points and they won lots of games. No reason that can’t work for us.


Some more perspective based on Ron’s post

Battle: still a streaky long range shooter. looks better handling the ball, but amazing now at the “I’m taking it into the lane amongst the trees, throwing up an underhander and it’s GONNA go in” shot. I think he made nearly every one of those.

Babb: his shot was off first half, but that kid is impressing me more and more with his D. If there’s a loose ball or potential steal, he’s great at running stride for stride, body to body with his opponent and outreaching him for the ball at the last minute.

Brooks: no incredible feats of athleticism tonight (like that dunk during the exhibition), but he looked pretty mistake free. Hit his threes. After Battle, Brooks has to become the #2 scorer for the team to make the tournament, I think. He’s got the tools. He’s got multiple shot weapons. He just has to make the right decision on when to use what and to use it error free.

DJ: Looks less afraid to take a shot. Foul trouble hurt him this game.

Jones: Another foul casualty tonight. Not much from him.

Bench: First, because of the foul difficulty, lots of people played during the first half. Good to see, Ed!

Woodyard: I liked him last year and wish he would have played more. Looks like his forte will be drifting to the open spot on the perimeter and firing the 3-ball.

Highberger: Made his entry again in the first half. He’s good from three. Doesn’t seem mistake prone. I’m thinking he might regularly contribute more than previous walk ons.

Frazier: Everyone’s talked him up, and, yes he’s fast, but I haven’t extraordinary basketball skills yet. I would at least have expected a steal and layup by now after all the hype. So far, I like Woodyard and Highberger off the bench better.

Oliver: Reports are correct–he’s not afraid to shoot the trey. I like that when a guy’s 6-8".

Borovnjak: Judging from the first two games, he’s gonna play some, but I’m pretty sure he’s not going to be the 3rd or 4th high scorer on the team.

Ott: I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt that the backup center for a PSU hoops teams was not a big drop off in talent from the starter. I can’t see Jones and Ottzilla on the floor together right now (maybe later), but, geez, is he ever a big improvement over Milos, Witkowski, Banta and others from the past. The problem is–what happens when both Jones and Ott foul out. The answer in tonight’s case was Cam Woodyard.

Oh and I set the fastest time for the “match the historical pictures with the respective player’s name” quiz so I get to watch a practice soon. Yeahh!!!


What was the deal with all the fouls tonight? Were they legit or were the refs calling it really close tonight?


I thought Oliver played great. He impressed me more than anyone else. I’d like to see him take over the PF spot. We really need a guy or 2 to be able to step up and score, Battle was the only real offensive threat on the floor.

I thought Penn looked pretty solid too.


Two things that I took away from this game.

  1. Talor is ready to go and we’ll go as far as he can take us.

  2. Our defense needs a lot of work.


Well there were a lot of charges called in my opinion called tonight but most were legit. There were a few calls that might not been called with different set of refs but overall I think it was a little bit tight calling but not ridiculous.


Had to listen on the radio, but caught about 90 percent of it there and got some good insight from the boys on there.

Seems as though my fears with this team might be sort’ve true - we just do not have a 2nd guy on the team who can create his own shot/points. Frazier is certainly capable of breaking down a defense, but it doesn’t seem he’s ready to score it himself yet consistently. Babb has the long-range shot, but it’s mostly all spot-up… and the rest of the guys pretty much rely on somebody else to feed them for points.

This can work great when everything is clicking and the offense is working well - but let’s face it, even great offenses in the big ten go through dry spells almost every game out. I just feel like if Battle is having an off night, we will really look bad.

But hey - this is a transition season to me, so I’m expecting a lot of these problems to start ironing themselves out by season’s end. Might have to deal with some growing pains early on.

Be interesting to see how this foul problem plays itself out in the next game.


I didn’t see the game, thought it might be archived, but will have to wait. I couldn’t wait any longer, so looked up the score at Most unbelievable stat to me? Battle had 9 two point buckets. The rest of the team had 8. That’s pitiful. Should be a rule. If you don’t make a two pointer, you can’t shoot a three.

IMO, this team won’t succeed if they don’t get way more points in the paint, other than the shortest guy on the team. If they can’t score in the paint inside the arc vs. Penn, how they gonna do it in the Big 10? Not sure I’ll pay for the archive, but I can’t believe lack of inside scoring. And what’s with Battle leading in rebounding for the second game in a row? WTF?


My gut feeling was not great tonight. Perhaps it was all rust, but looking at our play now, we should finish 9th out of 11 as predicted. It scares me that Penn can just double team jones and shut him down. Ott was better. I felt like we settled for poor shots from the outside too often. Frasier did not add much to me at this point. He ran around at the top of the arc and then threw it to battle who would then run the offense. Maybe we will see some real progress in this next game, but I have some reservations so far.

On a positive note, it is really nice to have our hoops team playing again.


One word: Hightower.


Hey, a win is a win. Good to get the “foul games” out of the way. I thought Andrew had gotten much better at playing without fouling …but, I guess he needs more practice.
Good to hear about the play of Brooks and Ott.