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Pat Chambers

I’m in for a terrific selection.

Great choice among candidates. I think unqualified win territory would’ve been Mooney.

I say an okay choice given the lot. I think he’s my favorite out of all the names that were in serious contention, but I’m not convinced he’s a homerun hire. I just don’t know enough about him, honestly. Could very well be the next big coach in college hoops or a complete bust, neither would surprise me.

HOMERUN. Hoop guys with a SALES background…TWO RUN HOMERUN!!

He sold printing services. Wasnt Pringle selling hand lotion on campus, should he have been a candidate?

I’m not sure how to vote here.

I would have preferred Larry Brown, but Chambers was second on my list. If you count Brown among the candidates, then I’d say not the best choice of the candidates.

If you don’t, I’d go with a great choice from among the known candidates.

“A great choice from among the known candidates”

This hire makes me happy. Enough said. :slight_smile:

Chambers was not a candidate at GT, Oklahoma, Utah, Maryland, NC State, Providence (mentioned) etc. The only place that even strongly considered him was PSU. Not a great hire, but perhaps the best PSU could do.

A great choice I think, but we’ll see if he can recruit to Penn State. He sounds like the kind of guy we need though.

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A good choice from among the rumored candidates. I’m still hoping for my measure of on teh court success. In the top half of the conference 3 out of 5 years.

I mean, I’m not going to put him in with Brad Stevens, but this was the kind of coach I was hoping for so I’m more than excited.

Hey, guess what, Pat has a degree in MARKETING!!

No offense, tundra, but I cannot help but LMAO at this.

Now I’m totally convinced TC came here for help with the process.

Wat I like about this choice is that if Chambers had any longer success, he would have been unavailable to us. Our best hope is to get lucky with an up-and-comer who is not yet on the radar. There’s a legend that we liked Jay Wright before he was ticketed for 'Nova.

Just like we need to reach for recruits, we need to be smart and reach for a coach who sees us as a shortcut to the top.

[quote="tundra, post:14, topic:2451"]Hey, guess what, Pat has a degree in MARKETING!![/quote]

Now I’m totally convinced TC came here for help with the process.

I wonder if any of the other candidates have a degree in statistics?

Absolutely absolutely awesome selection. Today curley totally redeemed himself from 15 years of bad decisions with this program.

Chambers is an amazing choice and could be the perfect guy to lead this program. The more I found out, the more I was convinced that I would rather see Chambers at Penn State than almost any coach anywhere. For those of us who still cringe that we passed on a chance for Jay Wright 12 years ago, I think we realize that Curley has just taken a monumental step towards making up for it. Anyone downplaying this hire right now is going to be singing a different tune in a very short time. There are no sure things, but I think he will create the dynamic that elevates us to a new level fast. The players and students are going to love him. Alumni especially young alumni are going to love him. This is it. I can’t wait to watch this program go from here

One thing that is very important with this hire, we are going to be a very young team next year. Pat is going to have his hands full his first season here. We can’t judge to early, as he won’t have a team compiled of his recruits for a few years.