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Pat Chambers "Culture Change"


Chambers’ culture change statement at his press conference got Corey Schmidt of Basketball Prospectus thinking about those coaches who, in fact, have been able to institute a change at their programs. Here’s his list of the Great Culture Changers (as measure by improved basketball attendance vis-a-vis football).


or…maybe they just changed the way they “recorded” attendence!! ???


I think with Painter the decline of Purdue football was a major factor.

2000 8-4, won the Big Ten, went to the Rose Bowl (lost to #3 Wash,) and finished ranked 13th
2001 6-6, went to the Sun Bowl (lost to #10 Wash St)
2002 7-6, won the Sun Bowl (vs Wash)
2003 9-4, went to Capital One Bowl (lost to #7 Georgia) finished ranked 18th
2004 7-5, went to Sun Bowl (lost to #19 Ariz St)

(2004-2005) Painter takes over the basketball program in a year long transition.

2005 5-7
2006 8-6, went to Champs Sports Bowl (lost to Maryland)
2007 8-5, won Motor City Bowl (vs C. Mich)
2008 4-8
2009 5-7
2010 4-8

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Pretty sure the decline in Purdue football occurred because Tiller wasn’t really there the last couple years and Danny Hope is a horrible coach. And it’s Purdue football.


Two of the 4 losing seasons were under Tiller (ret 2008)


Sorry meant by “wasn’t really there” that he wasn’t there mentally. His heart wasn’t in the job the last few years he was at Purdue and I think he has stated that much. Just burnt out.

Purdue is a basketball school to begin with and they are capable of being a decent football program as Tiller proved, but Tiller is a borderline offensive genius and he found a system that made things work. Danny Hope is a very poor man’s Joe Tiller right down to the stache. Think that has a lot more to do with the fall of that program than any basketball success.


I think not having Brees or Orton also hurt Purdue football.


It’s an interesting article, but you can equate attendance with wins and do the same analysis… and gee-whiz, if a team wins more, they’re draw more fans. What a concept! :wink:

Culture change = Win with a losing program.

But isn’t that what PC’s trying to do anyway??


Chambers Change the Culture Club?

Maybe a Boy George cameo?


Don’t like the Purdue analogy. Historically when I thought Purdue, I thought BBall. I would say actually the article could have been written in the opposite direction for Purdue in that Keady had a decent BBall program and Tiller turned Purdue into a football school for a while. Painter just restored back to the more recent historical order and the rest of the Big Ten caught upto Tiller (who essentially brought the spread offense to the Big Ten). And now that Tiller is gone, Purdue football stinks (so low attendance) and the BBall program got better and hence the increase in attendance.


I think this whole article is irrelevant.

They are once again comparing % of capacity for the football team compared to the basketball team.

In essence, if a hoops coach is hired while a football team is in a rut (see WV), then the new hoops coach suddenly “changed the culture” just because fewer people are going to the football games. ???