Owls trying to stir the pot



Some kid who claims to be a student at State, but a fan of Temple, has this to say about Talor:

It's a well-kept secret that most of the student body here (at least that I talk to) don't like his game.

That may be the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard.

I have one thing to say in reply: Creamery Ice Cream > Jell-O Puddin’ Pops


According to the “supposed” Penn State student, Cornley “carried the team in the NIT.”

Guess he’s right. I especially remember him carrying us in the game he didn’t even play in in the NIT.


I know this: There isnt a single player on Temple’s roster that I would take over Battle.


I know I REALLY wont like Talor’s play if he drops 25+ on them. Then I wont have to keep a secrect anymore…I’ll tell everyone! Then I can send him this DVD to help him on his game.
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