Ott gets a start


Nits going small

Battle, Frazier, Babb, Jackson, Ott


Where did you hear this? I think it is well deserving though.


I like the lineup - kinda what some of us have been calling for. Let’s see if it works.


I like it. Let’s see how this plays out.


I like it, a small and guard-heavy offense, it works in the Big East - will it work in the B10 though? I think that it’s the best 5 that ED can put together right now, but still something to see. With the addition of Taran and no bigs next year, PSU should be playing very guard heavy (unless if we see some meaningful improvement from our bigs, something I am not real optimistic about). Hopefully we can make it work in this league.


Can’t miss wide open shots though


Who knows if the lineup change will make a difference but I like that Ed is sending a message…

Was Woodyard the first man off the bench tonight?

I like it!