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Not from the Niskanen Center but the reviewer is their director of political studies. Based on the review, this seems like one of the more cogent and internally consistent explanations of recent “conservative” developments that I’ve come across:

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Speaking of Niskanen, I thought this was a fabulous analysis of what is known (and importantly unknown) about welfare benefits and incentives:

Unfortunately, it did not allow my normal speed-skim approach to reading, and I had to read it one and a half more times to get the hang of it.

Niskanen’s Jerry Taylor talks about the organization and what drives it here:

I loved it but note my surprise about an organization that seems to be talking directly to me exists in Taylor’s mind essentially as a vehicle for Republicans!

My belief has always been that the methods to achieve the ends Niskanen and the non-overboard left claim to desire should only be judged by their effectiveness, not by which tribe embraces which tactic.

As we’ve seen with Trumpism, what essentially remains of the Republican majority that controls primaries in even moderate states, is that the objectives of people like the founders of Niskanen and the non-overboard left don’t share the same objectives with the people who support Trump.

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That being the case, the path to successful reform should begin by cashing out in-kind programs that cater to specific needs like food, housing, winter heating, telephone, internet, and the like.

Very reminiscent of Milton Friedman’s Negative Income Tax, first espoused in his landmark 1962 book Capitalism and Freedom. I didn’t often agree with Friedman’s policy proposals but he certainly forces one to think hard about outcomes.

Powerful letter. The WNBA stepped on their d*** (oops - dropped the ball) on that one

Saw a link to this while reading the EDD letter, which was excellent. Steve Francis’s story is remarkable.

“Let’s go to the videotape…”

Science is coming a long way but talk about weird coincidences.
Rapist caught through genetic tracking in 4 Penn State Rape cases

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I wonder if this is connected to the ABC show The Genetic Detective? I watched every episode of the first season that just ended a couple weeks ago. They are now able to take DNA samples and put them into genetic databases and build family trees to find suspects in cold cases.

I’m missing something. What’s the weird coincidence?

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They have been using this to solve murders for years. There was a cold case murder of a teacher in Lancaster County in 1992 that was solved in 2018. And I think the same tech was used to ID the Golden State Killer. I thought GEDMatch had stopped working with law enforcement, but maybe they just gave users an opt out.

Yup. The first season just aired but the woman’s work goes back years. They did use it to ID the GSK.

I’ve been watching “I’ll be gone in the dark” on HBO. Its interesting watching Michelle McNamara doing her research and impact on her life, which will culminate in her death. My only issue with it is how they are crediting her with helping to catch him. When you look more closely you see that her credit is in renaming him as the Golden State Killer GSK from being known as the East Area Rapist / Original Night Stalker aka EAR/ONS which kept interest on the case. The killer was captured a few years after her death. He was not one of her suspects.

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The man arrested is Jeffery Fields… which is very similar to name of the PSU soccer field. I honest had to double check that wasn’t an Onion article when I noticed that.

Count me as one that has some ethical issues involved with genealogical mining for law enforcement purposes.

The Messy Consequences of the Golden State Killer Case

Tools meant to reunite families are now being “used essentially to get families to put their members in jail.”

OCTOBER 1, 2019

I knew I must be missing something. Never made the connection.

I’m with you. It’s the first step down what I feel is a dangerous path.

I have no problem with it as long as the person donating the DNA releases their information for finding relatives. If my DNA helped solve a rape or murder then I consider that a good thing. I want rapists and murderers caught regardless of them being near or distant relatives. I know that is easy to say now, but I hope I would accept it like the daughter of one of the criminals from the “Genetic Detective” series. I think that her father was now deceased.