OTL--Penn State basketball


With my familiy going back to school and back to work I’ve got about a week before I head back to campus…that whole 5min drive from my home to my aparment wont take me too long to get ready for so I’ve got some time on my hands.

I’ve come up with the idea to take this time to try and look at the program in detail over the span of the past ten years or so. I’m hoping to come to a conclusion based off of students feelings, your feelings, people in the programs feelings, some players feelings; of where we’ve been, how we’re doing, and what our expectations of the future are.

I’ll also be looking at the stats, the numbers, the W-L, and anything else that might be worth adding. The idea isn’t to interview people with the same views as me and make it work out that way. I want to critically look at the program while at the same time backing the microscope up and looking at the big picture. I’ll do my best to formulate conclusions based on facts when facts are needed, and opinion where that is needed. I’m not out on a agenda like some FOS posters are, and I’m not going to sit back and drink the kool aid either.

That means I’m going to need some of your help, because of my major I’m used to collecting data and making sense of it but I need to make sure I’m getting my facts straight.

So what you can do to help:
If you’re a regular poster here…generally I think you know who you are…if you could PM me the following answers if you so choose to…

1.How long have you been a fan?
2. What do you think of the direction of the program since ED got here?
3. What sort of basketball program do you expect from Penn State?
4. If you could change one thing what would it be?
5. What would your 5 year plan be for the program if you were the admin?

thanks again, this is going to take a little while, but I think we could find some interesting number/ the real pulse of the program if this gets done right. If anything else it’ll be one more thing to argue over when it’s done… ::slight_smile:

Also, for what it’s worth. What you say to those 5 questions will stay between the two of us. I wont quote opinions directly, or give credit without asking first…if thats something that would bother you, now you know. I have no intention of using answers as ammo or black mail later down the road.lol