OT: Women's Volleyball -- Sweet 16 and the Ex-Parrots


For those of you who follow the Penn State Women’s Volleyball team (or might be induced to do so), I’ve posted a brief write-up (Sweet 16 and the Ex-Parrots) on the results from the first weekend of the NCAA Women’s Volleyball tournament (not to ruin the suspense, but Penn State won both its matches). I’ve also included a “Stat Joust” statistical comparison of the Sweet 16 teams (plus the four seeded teams that already have been knocked out of the Tournament).

As to the Stat Joust, its another lies, damn lies, statistics exercise, which I fully acknowledge is non-predictive, probably irrelevant, perhaps incorrect (as we are not statisticians and do make mistakes — if you find any, please let me know) and selective based mostly on limited time and the quirks of the NCAA online statistics generator.

Here’s the link: http://www.dignittanyvolleyball.com/?p=4616