OT: Women's Volleyball in Final Four (Stat Joust)


With it’s victory Saturday night over the California Golden Bears, Penn State’s consecutive match winning streak has reached 100. If Penn State defeats the Rainbow Wahine of Hawaii on Friday, December 17th, Russ Rose’s total coaching victories will reach 1000, and Penn State will set a new NCAA record for consecutive NCAA Tournament victories.

Here’s a link to selected team and individual statistics, through December 6, 2009, for each of the Final Four teams (Penn State, Hawaii, Texas, and Minnesota): http://www.dignittanyvolleyball.com/?p=4778

If statistics could win matches, Penn State would be a sure thing. Personally, I think they will have a very tough time with Hawaii.


They obviously didn’t play Hawaii during the season so it will be difficult to gage. The women did sweep Minnesota both home and away 3-0 and 3-0 so it should be interesting if they meet in the finals. First we have to get there.


I was a little antsy during the Cal game, however, deep down I just feel like when push comes to shove, they will be able to rise above anyone this year. That’s what greatness is all about, and I think they have it (or at least I hope! ;D)