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OT: Wild Night in State College

Earlier tonight, EOnline posted this story about the “#JSisters” headed somewhere for an apparent good time.

The JSisters are Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas (WAGs of the Jonas Brothers in addition to being pretty talented on their own). The Jonas Brothers had just released a new single earlier in the afternoon and they were presumed to be all headed out somewhere to celebrate.

That “somewhere” turned out to be State College and Champs Downtown. The Jonas Brothers threw a little impromptu show (along with James Franklin) to celebrate the release of their single and Champs Downtown winning a Barstool Sports contest as the best college bar in the country (CHECK THAT: Champs only knocked off Michigan State to move on in the contest, they haven’t won it yet - but with all the Jonas Brothers and Game of Thrones firepower behind them it will be a real upset if they don’t).

More on their trip

Their new single in case you were interested.

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Given that I don’t know what WAGs or the Jonas brothers are must finally seal the deal that I am too old for a wild night out on the town.

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Let’s see if I can help a bit.

Jonas Brothers = boy band from a decade ago. Many of the kids in college now grew up with them as favorites from their elementary/middle school days. Longtime Penn State fans because their manager was from State College and dragged them up here a few times. The Jonas Brothers were playing in Hershey the night that Joe, the middle brother turned 21. Their manager decided take them to State College so that Joe could celebrate turning 21 by going to the Phyrst. On that birthday trip, Joe Jonas met and became friends with Jason and Chris Ganter, sons of former PSU football assistant Fran Ganter. Jason went on to work as an assistant for the band and became close friends with Joe. The band broke up about 5-6 years ago. Joe and his new band DNCE were surprise celebrity performers at THON a few years back. Joe performed at Champs later that night.

Video from boy band days:

The band has been in the news recently because they announced that they were getting back together. They released a single last month that shot to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart (as might the song that they released yesterday). They were the first boy band to hit #1 since NSYNC many years ago. Their performance at Champs last night might actually be they first time that they performed live in public since the announcement that they were getting back together (not 100% sure of that).

WAGS = Wives and Girlfriends.

From left to right:

Priyanka Chopra - Nick Jonas’s wife. One of India’s most famous actress, former Miss World.

Danielle Jonas - Kevin Jonas’s wife. Basically famous for being Kevin’s wife but did star in a reality TV show based on their marriage.

Sophie Turner - Joe Jonas’s fiancee. Might be the most recognizable of the group at the moment due to starring in the smash hit TV series “Game of Thrones”.

Hope that helps.

Appreciate the concern, but your valiant effort still leaves me being too old for a wild night out!

I only know about them because of their PSU connection.

Thanks for all that. I had heard of them but that was about it.

They also worked behind the bar and gave out free drinks to everyone. Really cool gesture by them and good positive exposure for Penn State.

Joe Jonas had his first drink at Phyrst by the way. Sounds like Franklin’s trying to get them to come for the White Out.

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As if Sophie Turner wasnt already loved by the masses…

I know this probably isn’t true, but imagining UncleLar having a save file on his computer with descriptions of celebrities and their random connections to Penn State to pull out at any time someone asks a question about who they are, amuses me very much.


Uncle Lar’s Celebrity Matrix.


Did you know that Ryan Seacrest’s father went to Penn State?

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Let’s test you Lar. How can you tie Jay-Z to PSU?

No brainer. Saquon Barkely is managed by Roc Nation Sports, Jay-Z’s agency.

Of course, since Ryan Seacrest is to music like Kevin Bacon is to movies, I could have come up with a Seven Degrees of Ryan Seacrest to get there too, albeit not so directly.

Well done. How about Tupac?

When Tupac was a kid he hung around with Flavor Flav, who we all know is Shep Garner’s cousin.

Do you have photo or video evidence of this, or are you just speculating?

Straight from my computer files :wink:

Where you the photographer?

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Nothing like getting whipped creamed by Sansa Stark to make your evening a memorable one. This kid’s not going to forget this night for a while.