OT - We are not alone


Ran across this recent nugget from an NC State forum on whether they should fire head coach Sidney Lowe.

Sound familiar?

[i]Rick nailed it.

There is too much downside if we potentially fire Lowe now. We WILL lose Harrow and Brown and we WILL have Fowler running the show on another coaching search. Firing Lowe gives us the slight (and i do mean slight) chance of finding a diamond in the rough coach (we are not going to get the “home run” caliber hire of a Barnes, Calipari, etc.) versus the assurance of having two stud guards in our lineup.

It’s certainly a crappy choice, but I’d rather go with the choice that puts two studs in my backcourt rather than the choice that focuses on the chance we lure a decent coach. [/i]

FYI, Fowler is current NC State AD Lee Fowler, who it seems is in disregard by at least one NC State fan (and, from perusing the website, he is not alone in his dislike of Fowler).

Once again, sound familiar?


That sounds like an apologist point of view if I’ve ever seen one.