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OT: Warship named for Fallen SEAL


Great Honor for a fallen soldier and Nittany Lion…

Navy Cmdr. Chad Muse, commanding officer of SEAL Delivery Team 1 in Hawaii, noted one of Murphy's favorite books was Steven Pressfield's "Gates of Fire," an account of outnumbered Spartans and their epic battle against hundreds of thousands of invading Persians nearly 2,500 years ago at the Battle of Thermopylae. Like the Spartans, who were ultimately slaughtered, Murphy had a spirit that didn't give up. "It's about sacrifice and the Spartan ideal — and valor and heroism in battle," Muse said.

If you saw the movie “300”, you will recall that there was one survivor – who was sent home to “tell their story”. Hopefully, Petty Officer Luttrell realizes the reason he survived is to tell their story. Too many soldiers end up with “survivor’s guilt” and ultimately take their own lives. I hope Marcus doesn’t become one of them.


The ship is being launched and christened this weekend, that’s why it was in the news. It was named in 2008.