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OT: VTech vs. Mount Saint Mary's

Er, it’s 67-19 with 11 minutes left. VTech is 22-26 inside the arc. Funny how that happens when you take it inside vs. inferior opponent with no inside presence. Why didn’t we do that? :wink:

Now 77-21 with 9:20 left. VTech could get 100 if they didn’t sub big time late.

85-21 with just over 6 min left

I see now 91-21 with still over 6 minutes. Wow.

Wow… that can’t be the same team PSU played.

It’s the JV. :wink:

Stuck at 99?

Waiting for PSUChamp to say that Marys just hit their shots against PSU…

Did you notice the shooting difference? 69% vs. 17%.