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OT - Tracing Trace

Maybe we should start a Tracing Trace thread, but I’ll put this here for now. McSorley, barring injury, should own just about every PSU record on this statistical list (except yards per carry).


I’m not sure how to figure out Robinson’s rushing yards when he played RB vs. QB, so that record could be in doubt. Anyone have that info? Or know how to figure that out?

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He’s the best QB I’ve seen play for us (not an insignificant sample either - includes from 1998 when i can actually remember games), but he seems to be one of the least accepted considering how good he has been.

He’s definitely the best statistically. I want to see how he does this year when he’s the top focus of the defense. He’s 1,088 yards short of Hack’s record on 381 fewer attempts (31%). He’s thrown 11 more TD passes too. His 899 rushing yards vs. Hack’s negative 242 puts Trace in the lead in total offense already with another season to go. His combined 59 TD passes and 18 rushing TDs (77 total) is also ahead of Daryll Clark’s total of 65.

If Trace is just average next season, he’s going to put up career numbers like we’ve never seen around here.

BUT, it can still be argued that he’s benefited from playing in an offense that favors big numbers. Does that make him better? I’m not sure. Clark, Collins and Fusina were all really good college QBs too. Something we can debate forever and nobody will ever win the argument either way.

I’m not sure how it’s a negative for Trace that he played in an offense that gets big numbers?

His numbers benefit from that. So it could be argued that he’s not as good as someone else because his number are inflated. I’m not saying that myself. Just pointing out the possible argument someone could make.

I also think Darryl Clark doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.

Hard to believe McQueary has the 2nd highest QB rating after McSorley.


He is one of my favorites. I’d love to see what he could do in this offense.

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I understand that someone could make that argument, it just doesn’t make much sense to me. The whole point of an offense is to score points and Trace has done that better than any QB in PSU history. So, while I get why someone would like to see others in the Moorhead offense as well, we don’t know whether they could match or surpass Trace’s performance to date. He’s also got a legitimate chance to lead Penn State to three straight 11 win seasons for the first time ever. So he’s not just a big numbers guy, he’s winning too.

MRob had 806 yards rushing as a senior.

I agree. That’s why I also said this:

Yes, but he played QB at times during his first three seasons. How many rushing yards did he get from the QB position vs. the RB position those first three seasons? If I go back through box scores and see if he threw any passes in a game, and assume his rushing yardage in games he didn’t throw any passes were as a RB, I could probably get close enough.

I forgot MRob threw a lot of passes as a soph.

I’m not quite sure what the point of this post is? I wasn’t disagreeing with you.

My mistake. Thought you were questioning my post. Was pointing out that I agree with you.

For the glory of old State…

Fun video.

Also, just had to post this on the Tracing Trace thread.

After one week of Trace’s senior season, here is where he stands statistically all time vs. Penn State record holders:

Attempts: 890
Record: 1,235 (Hackenberg)
Behind: 345

Completions: 549
Record: 693 (Hackenberg)
Behind: 144

Yards: 7,599
Record: 8,457 (Hackenberg)
Behind: 858

TD’s: 60 (record)
Old Record: 48 (Hackenberg)

Comp %: 61.7 (record)
Old Record: 60.2 (Daryll Clark)
(nobody higher has more than 15 career attempts. Nick Scott and Saquon Barkley are both 2 for 2, 100%)

Y/A: 8.5
Record: 8.9 (McQueary – nobody above him has more than 75 career attempts)
Behind: 0.4

AY/A: 9.0
Old Record: 8.7 (McQueary)
(nobody above Trace has more than 48 career attempts)

Attempts: 315
Record: 369 (Robinson *)
Behind: 54

Yards: 952 **
Record: 1,637 (Robinson *)
Behind: 685

TDs: 20 ***
Old Record: 20 (Robinson *)

  • I have no way of knowing how many of Michael Robinson’s carries, yards and TD’s were accumulated playing QB vs. other positions.

** Trace is 18th overall in Rushing Yards.

*** Trace is 10th overall in Rushing TD’s

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