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OT: Touching moment

The crowd comes to the rescue of this poor girl when her microphone goes dead in the middle of her singing the National Anthem.

It’s kind of amazing how spontaneous it was (save for one woman’s momentary snide laugh).

Elizabeth Hughes, 8 years old, National Anthem, Norfolk Admirals Game, Scope Arena

That girl’s got a future in singing too. Very nice voice.

Reminds me of Cheeks’ save.

Mo Cheeks National Anthem

Grew up a huge Sixers fan, was always hanging newspaper clippings up in my room, etc. Several years back, my parents were up to visit and we were eating breakfast at Shoneys when my dad said that the guy a few booths over looked familiar. I looked and said it was Mo Cheeks, the former Sixer. As it happened we were all waiting in line together at teh register so I said the usual hi, I was a big fan growing up, etc. He ended up chatting with us for about 15 minutes out in the parking lot. Very personable guy.

I always liked Mo Cheeks when he played, but after that he became one of my all time favorites. Definite Good Guy Award.