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OT: Tom Bradley to Pitt?

[quote="jjepsu92, post:4, topic:1732"]Wow DJones with a premature send on a story.

Any chance that the hesitation on Scrap accepting is PSU finally putting a succession plan and timetable in place for JoePa?[/quote]

I thought the same thing. PSU has to realize that if Scrap leaves, then he might take along a few other assistants with him. Then recruits follow and who knows what happens. Someone had to force their hand and ironically that someone might be Pitt.

[quote="MarkH, post:11, topic:1732"]I think for both Bradley and Golden, they realize that waiting for Joe is a pointess exercise. They need to do what's in their own best interest, because you cannot be certain of the timing of anything with Joe. I think both of them getting outside experience at this point put them in better shape to replace Joe 100 years from now when her does step down.[/quote]That or maybe Bradley realizes (has been told) he won't be getting the PSU job when Joe is finished.


It blows my mind how other will insert their own little drama into these situations !!! Paterno and his staff has been saying the same thing for decades, and it has proven to be the truth time after time after time,… but people still keep coming up with this crap.

If Bradley was the shoe-in for Joe’s replacement, why on earth would he be interviewing for Temple, Pitt and UConn?

BECAUSE THERE IS NO SHOE-IN !! THERE IS NO ‘SUCCESSION PLAN’ !!! That’s what he’s been saying.

If the only reason why Bradley was staying was for the HC position, then why would he have stuck around for 32 YEARS !!!

Can you name ANY OTHER coach who has served under the same head coach for 32 years? How about serving at the same school for 32 years?

Maybe because being an Asst. at PSU IS a DREAM JOB in itself! Huge salary and JOB security. Job security is unheard of in that occupation! Look at the resumes of most coaches at other schools!
Maybe Tom really enjoyed this dream job in a dream town with a dream salary!!

I’m being told in Pittsburgh that ~itt is negotiating with Bradley. Sticking point is he wants asst. coach salaries OVER ~itt’s planned budget!

Tundra, that’s exactly what I think as well.

Eveyone makes it seems like these Penn State assistants are being jerked around and lied to. I don’t think that’s the case at all.

Maybe it’s something that nobody likes to consider in their little overly-dramatic scenerios running through their heads… The Penn State assistants are happy with the position they have.

Think about this… I think if Bradley takes the Pitt job, he will also be drawing a Penn State PENSION !!! No joke. :-X

Is Larry Johnson complaining? Is Golden complaining? Is Big Red complaining? Is Vanderlien complaining? Is Fran ganter complaining? Is Sandusky complaining?

We have a situation that is probably ENVIED throughout the rest of the college football world. Revolving door of slimeballs?..Not at all. We have long standing coaches who are happy about what they do and seem to be very good at doing it. We have continuity of coaching, a clean record of violations, graduating players we can be proud of, success on the field… AND OUR FANS STILL COMPLAIN !!!

I hear ya Skeeza…good post.

But, us fans (for the first time) are being confronted with change? Change can be scary! The PSU football future situation is UNKNOWN.
Unknown = scary = apprehension.

From the article on the link below:

Bradley update

Penn State defensive coordinator Tom Bradley is scheduled to interview for the Connecticut head coaching job Sunday, while he waits on his fate for the Pitt vacancy.

Bradley told the Philadelphia Daily News on Friday that he’s not happy with media reports Wednesday that had him already getting the Pitt job.

“I’m kind of disappointed with some members of your profession,” Bradley told a reporter. “Nothing is happening right now, OK? I’ve lost respect for people who were in such a hurry to get something first, rather than to get it right. It’s done more harm than good.”

WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh reported Bradley had the job Wednesday night. Shortly thereafter, a story on the Harrisburg Patriot-News website reported Bradley had sent text messages to PSU players about getting the job, and that story was retracted the same night.

Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster interviewed for the Pitt job on Friday. Tulsa head coach Todd Graham also received a second interview Friday, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, while Florida defensive coordinator Teryl Austin and Stanford assistant head coach Greg Roman are scheduled to interview Sunday.

Never saw/heard Tommy blast anybody via the media. Maybe he is feeling the heat a little bit. All this talk (rumors) about him taking 4 coaches with him can’t help the PSU situation.

And the fact he’s been interviewing for every job open in the northeast can’t help PSU either.

The fact a couple media outlets tried to jump the gun should be the last of his worries right now.

He may be upset because the stories may have negatively affected his chances of getting the job.

Unless he leaked it, it shouldn’t affect his chances at all.

I’m sure it’s because he is recruiting right now. Imagine walking into someone’s home for one school, and the hosts think you’ve taken a job at another. Doesn’t help him at either place.

Source: Todd Graham, Pitt near deal

[quote=“CAPPY, post:29, topic:1732”]Source: Todd Graham, Pitt near deal[/quote]

OR…brokering a higher counter offer from Tulsa!

[quote="CAPPY, post:29, topic:1732"]Source: Todd Graham, Pitt near deal[/quote]

OR…brokering a higher counter offer from Tulsa!


Fox 23 TV sources say that the Pitt deal is on the table to Graham and he is ready to accept, but that he has gone back to Tulsa to give the school a chance to counter-offer.

[quote="CAPPY, post:29, topic:1732"]Source: Todd Graham, Pitt near deal[/quote]

OR…brokering a higher counter offer from Tulsa!


Fox 23 TV sources say that the Pitt deal is on the table to Graham and he is ready to accept, but that he has gone back to Tulsa to give the school a chance to counter-offer.

So Pitt is not a big enough step up over Tulsa? The guy would stay at Tulsa over a BCS school for similar money? Or, Pitt isn’t willing to pay enough to be able to pry a coach from Tulsa? I sure hope we don’t have these issues when the time comes.

So if Graham turns deal down, I wonder if they come back after Scrap. If they do I hope he tells them to cram it.

Graham to Pitt…Bradley so far the main candidate for UConn…though, just to bring this thing full circle…Steve Addazio (the guy who Temple hired over Bradley) is interested, as well.,0,7138603.story

I understand that Addazio would like a better job, but wouldn’t you as a school be a little hesitant to interview a guy who just got a head coaching job and wants to bail on that school before he coaches a game. Especially after your head coach didn’t even fly back from the bowl game with the team.

Pasqualoni to UConn

Any other openings out there where Bradley’s name has been brought up?