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OT: Think our fans would ever demand player's jerseys for poor play?


I found this story pretty interesting…

After a break of 20 minutes, the match officials and the Siena team left the field with the furious fans applauding them, but not letting the Genoa players approach.

Home captain Marco Rossi spoke with the group, who demanded the Genoa players took off their shirts before leaving the field.

After several more minutes, Rossi went round and collected his team mates’ shirts, but Giuseppe Sculli refused to take his off and, with tears in his eyes, confronted the supporters, making it clear that he would not cave in to their demands.

I don’t think American sports fans have any clue how passionate some of these European fans are. :o


There’s some video of the situation here:

Just bizarre, if you read this thread you can see a bit more details behind the dynamics of the situation.


Trust me, the Genoa Ultras are not passionate, they are crazy. In the past, they have demanded players perform poorly so they can win bets they’ve made. It’s a group of bullies. On the outside, this idea seems a bit crazy, but they have proper motivations for doing it. There’s probably an underlying agenda here.


Yeah Italian football is pretty crazy, lots of match fixing rumors seem to come out every season and then stuff like this with the Ultras.