OT: The Wire and Jon Diebler


Is anybody on here a fan of the show The Wire (best TV show ever)? I can’t get over how much Jon Diebler looks like Bubbles partner in crime in the show.

Jon Diebler:

Actor from The Wire:


huge fan of the Wire. Looks like much of the cast is coming back in the new series Treme.


Huge fan. Saw every episode. It’s been awhile. Some very good characters. I can’t open that jpg file.


For fans of The Wire, Comcast On Demand is currently running through all the seasons. I watched the first six episodes of Season 2 over the last week. I’m excited to watch all the seasons again.

Scroll down to the bottom for Johnny Weeks. The long hair doesn’t make him look as much like Jon Diebler.

I recently watched The Corner on HBO On Demand. I think it’s the show that started The Wire, but it wasn’t nearly as good. I hadn’t heard about Treme. Looking forward to it.