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OT: Texas tribute "gaff"


I couldn’t make this up…

Apparnetly, U of Texas decided to honor some of it’s sports heros with statues to be placed at select locations on campus. By the sounds of it, they will be centralized in a “Walk of Fame”.

Problem is, the statues are obnoxious. They are all just reproductions. To make matters worse, they hired someone from China to paint them, and they look more like bad lawn jockeys than tributes. I guess someone from the Chinese mainland has trouble replicating African and European skin tones.

These do not seem to be going over well witht he Texas fans.


wow, those look awful. somebody dun goofed.


that last picture cracks me up in so many ways. :smiley:


Yes, and an even BIGGER gaff…

Notice the footwear on the football players.

Texas is a Nike sponsored school.


They have the stautes for football, basketball, and baseball.

It is said that the baseball players look Chinese. You decide…


Oh my, that’s horrible…stunning actually.

So they choose to spend the money to honor Clemens, Durant and others who did not graduate from Texas with crappy looking statues. Just wow.

Maybe PSU can waste the coin and honor their greats. Would love to get my picture with a Calvin Booth statue.

Anyway…here is a link with other photos, including generic golf mannequins. :smiley:


Does anyone think the JoePa statue actually looks like Joe?


Yes, before he became an 80+ year old head coach @ PSU! ;D


No, mostly due to the horrible glasses. They’re not even close.

Additionally Joe would never raise his finger saying we’re “Number One”, it’s not his style.


Greg Swindell was a left handed pitcher.


personally, I like the green pitching mounds


Those statues just look plain bad, at least the JoePa statue resembles him. These statues just look like the same faces with different jerseys and skin tones.



And the hits just keep on coming.

[quote="JohnT, post:10, topic:1503"]Greg Swindell was a left handed pitcher.[/quote]


And the hits just keep on coming.

I’ve seen better reproductions at a wax museum. :o


I believe they junked those statues and ordered “new” ones called
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If you look closely at the 3 pitchers, they are exactly the same statue, with only some modifications to the faces tand the jersey number to make them “unique”.


OMG, well, they say that they “do everything big in Texas”… that includes looking foolish apparently.


Are you kidding me!!! Someone may or should lose their job for this. WOW


What’s that old saying about “fouls and their money??” …or…“boosters and their money”


What if you are a tall white guys with thick hair who played on the basketball team?

Do you still get a statue that looks like a mustard Micheal Jordan? Apparently.

Notice the similarities between Chris Mihm and the statue in the back… :-\