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OT: "Teach Me How To Jimmer"

Teach Me How to Jimmer (THE ORIGINAL)

Best line in the video might be:

“Chuck Norris even has a Jimmer poster”


“Even Ricky Bobbi can’t contain this cougar”

Brilliant idea and execution. Thanks Lar.

I wish I could rap. Anyone have ideas for song titles for Bubby?

“Go to Battle”

How awesome would an NCAA tournament game featuring Jimmer v Battle be? It could happen… maybe…

We are Nits, season to season we stand
No promises, no demands. Love me a Battle Three
Woah, we are strong, no one can tell us we’re wrong
Running the court for so long, both of us knowing
Love me a Battle Three

Then someone could parody Led Zepplin’s Battle of Evermore…Battle vs. Jimmermore?

This is awesome ;D ;D