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OT (sort of) - Billy Oliver mentioned in ESPN story



That is one great article. Thanks for posting.


Like NJ, Long Island had a lot of people killed. 37 from Manhasset were killed, 40+ from Rockville Center. Similar numbers from Garden City. I think a town in NJ may have had the most casualties. Both NJ and LI have the shorter trips to Wall Street, vs. say CT or Westchester. My brother lived in Manhasset, was at work that morning on mid-Long Island and had a 1 pm golf date out that way with a local friend of his who worked at Cantor Fitzgerald, located on the top floors of Building 1. The plane hit their offices. When it happened, my brother phoned his house and asked his wife, “Mike didn’t go to work today, did he?” Sadly, he had.


Read this yesterday. Damn, Billy’s street was hit hard. Makes sense though, Mendham is a very nice town. Lots of corporate people living there.


I heard that Billy is showing some real leadership among the returnees and there is a distinct possibility that he will be named a captain. With all the misfortune that has befallen him during his career here, some good is certainly overdue to come his way.



Tremendous article that needs to stay on the first page for at least the remainder of this week.

Glad to hear that report about Billy and the team, Lar. Thanks.


It was a nice read, good article