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OT - Saquon


The kid is a natural. He just seems to instinctively know to do the right thing. The announcers during the game yesterday were commenting that it’s rumored that he’ll be named a Giants captain next season. That’s remarkable for a second year guy.



Compare Saquon’s attitude to Snell’s of Kentucky today – it’s not even close. That is one cocky player (Side note - who gets a giant stomach tattoo of your last name, so you can lift your shirt up when you do something good on the field??? That was stretching it).


Per, Saquon is the most fit male athlete of 2019. (No argument from me!)


Just settling in that my once-a-week or so search for Saquon highlight reels will contain nothing new for another nine months or so.


Not sure if you’ve actually heard Benny interviewed or not, but he seems like a really good kid to me. Don’t confuse a young kid having fun and being confident for him being “cocky”, he’s very much a “yes sir, yes ma’am” type of kid who is quick to credit his coaches, his offensive line, and his family every time I hear him speak.





But not Rookie of the Year. That went to Baker Mayfield. :frowning_face:


Congrats Saquon!


Just curious as to how many rookie of the year awards there are and why can’t they all get together and form a consensus?


AP is the “official” one, chosen by writers.

Pepsi is an online fan poll.

Never underestimate the ability of Penn State-related entities to win an online vote. :slight_smile: