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OT - Saquon

Football players don’t get NBA money but will be interested to see what Saquon got. He seems to have big marketing potential.


So, so happy for him. His highlight reel runs are one thing, but if you want a view into how his hard work has paid off, watch the YouTube clips of him lifting. Saquon wasn’t waiting around to be handed anything. He has earned every dollar he gets, and I hope it’s a ton.


Just some feel-good for today:

I think a lot of us were hoping for a running back!


Props for not simply regurgitating the “bust” label…

Since Carter — whose career never fully took off after he tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee during his first preseason game — the draft’s first running back has been selected an average of roughly 14th.

Giants take him at No. 2.

Kiper, who appears to be a true a-hole, doesn’t even have anything bad to say about him.

I grew up a Giants fan but really lost interest in them and the nfl. This may change things.

I was a huge Giants fan back when they had Kerry Collins. I turned on them when they got rid of him for Eli. This may change things

The Browns may be the worst run, dumbest, clueless franchise in all of Pro sports. They could have taken Saquon at No. 1 and still have gotten Mayfield at No. 4. Basically they took Johnny Manziel part 2 complete with attitude, and a OSU Dback just appease Ohio State fans. If they were set on Mayfield (and Obviously were) they should have taken Left tackle from ND McGlinchey to try and keep Mayfield upright. But what do I know.


I’m interested to see what Rosen does.

Seems like the Troglodytes couldn’t handle him.

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That’s a good piece. Franklin/Moorhead and Saquon deserve a ton of credit.

Love the bit about guys not getting the angle on him. He finished his Penn State career with one of those against Washington.

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