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OT: Rugby Sevens

The women’s rugby team will face Army for the USA 7’s Collegiate Rugby Championships at 4pm live on NBC. They defeated North Carolina 12-0 and Temple 26-5 to get there.

The men lost to Dartmouth 12-7 in the quarterfinals. Dartmouth then went on to defeated Central Washington and will meet Army in the finals on NBC later today.


It looks like NBC has elected to show replays of the men’s semifinal matches rather than show the women live.

Double Bummer:

Women’s Championship Finals: Army 14 Penn State 5

That’s two national runner-up finishes to Army for the gals this year. PSU was the two time defending national champions in Rugby but lost the title game three weeks ago 33-29.

Penn Stater Lisa Rae Henneman, the 2010 Collegiate Player of the Year, was featured on a promotional poster and I was looking forward to seeing her play on NBC. I’m bummed that they just chose to replay the men’s semifinal matches that were on Versus a couple of hours earlier.

Looks like Army has some good rugby going on. They could use some of that talent in the fall sport, too :wink: