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OT - Rathskeller Crisis

Wow, hard to believe that the Skeller is closing. It’s been there for 85 years! Sad.

There is no god.

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Is that a response to today’s news or old stuff?

think that is a response to today’s news. I have feeling that who ever starts up the new place will try to use a form of the name Rathskeller. Not sure if they can legally but it you really can’t shake a name that is that old. People will called it the “New skeller” or New Rathskeller no matter what name they pick out.

That’s definitely a response to today’s news.

OK, I’m going to remain non-committal on the whole existence of god question.

Rathskeller is a generic German name. Basically, it’s a bar/restaurant in the basement (cellar) of a city hall (Rathaus). While All-American Rathskeller might be trademarked, Skeller or Rathskeller certainly isn’t.

With all due respect, none of the earlier articles/postinge/ect. appeared to make any attempt to get the Herlocher’s side of the story. They only got the Gastinger’s version of the story. I suspect that like most things, the truth lies somewhere in between.

I do find it a bit amusing at some of the online pitch fork hoisters proposing a boycott of Herlocher’s mustard as a move of solidarity for local businesses.

It’ll be interesting to see what replaces the Skellar. It sure seems it’ll have a very familiar name behind it.

Cattle Car??

Or The Train Station! I worked there in high school and all through college. I might be ready to resume my busboy/waiter/host career…


Won’t work, Herlocher’s owned Cattle Car/Train Station/CC Peppers

I was thinking more like Jay’s Place.

Turns out that the Skeller had been operating under a 75 year lease that expired in 2010. The Gentzel Corp, owners of the building, wanted to triple the rent when they offered a new lease in 2011. Duke Gastiger made an unknown counteroffer. Before negotiations could continue, the widow of Perry Gentzel, stepped in and told her corporation to let Gastiger operate under the terms of the old lease. The Skeller was being run under a sweetheart, albeit pretty risky, deal. Once the Herlochers bought the building, the hens came home to roost.

BTW. The Herlochers still have the liquor license from CC Peppers, so they don’t need the Skeller license to put a bar/restaurant in the building. Makes you wonder how much leverage Duke has when it comes to selling the business. What exactly is he putting up for sale?

The name?

HPossibly, but Rathskeller is a pretty common name. I bet you could futz with that as part of any new name and skate.*

*As has been pointed out here by someone already