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OT: Question for Dave Jones


I wanted to read the 1995 McDevitt story you wrote, but the link on-line is broken. Can you provide a working link to it or PM me?

This one worked for me:

While you’re at it DJ - please explain yourself from this thread.

You’re still hurt about that? Geez that was a while ago. You can’t move past what someone says on a message board?

Where do you get the impression that I’m “hurt” by this? Just curious, was an odd thing to say out of nowhere, especially when I was on his side.

while he does post here, contacting him directly just might be more effective

Thanks, I’d actually like to see him publicly address my question though so I’ll just continue waiting. I guess the fact that I wasn’t worthy of entering a discussion (or you know, simply supporting DJ with a one-liner) between two basketball gurus like he and kidcoyote would probably indicate I’m also not worthy of a response regarding his insult - but we’ll just keep this here and maybe he’ll get around to replying someday.

[quote=“Craftsy21, post:3, topic:1674”]While you’re at it DJ - please explain yourself from this thread.[/quote]

I AM NOT speaking for djones, but it’s pretty clear what it meant. If I were you, I’d drop it before you get an answer you won’t like even more.

I didn’t think it possible, but I actually think less of Craftsy21 then I did prior to this thread. Talk about petty. ::slight_smile:

Now if you will excuse me I just found this guy on facebook that stole a Rawly Eastwick baseball card from me when I was 5. I need to confront him about his actions and demand an apology.