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OT: PSU Wrestlers also knock off Lehigh

Title of the article:

“PSU freshmen wrestlers help treat big crowd to victory over Lehigh”

I’d say they did a lot more than “help”. PSU won five matches - ALL by freshman. They single handidly won the match. The kids threw the rest of the team on their backs and carried them along for the ride. The next four years (and hopefully plus) look to be a fun trip.

On a side note, I had the pleasure of being in Rec Hall for the 1967 Lehigh match that article mentions and it remains one of the most exciting athletic events I’ve ever been to. The crowd hoisting Reid onto their shoulders and parading him around the mats is an image indelibly inscribed in every long time PSU fan’s mind.

My oldest brother went to Lehigh in the late 60’s and worked as their wrestling announcer on radio broadcasts. I doubt that they sent him to away matches though. Maybe this is why he hates PSU.