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OT: PSU softball

12 seed PSU just upset 5 seed Nebraska 5-0 in the BTN tourney in Ann Arbor. PSU lost all 3 games vs. Nebraska earlier this season. PSU will now face 4 seed Illinois at 1:30 tomorrow. The game can viewed live on the BTN.

PSU loses to Illinois today 3-0.

I hate be negative but I’m sorry, this is embarrassing!

But are they better than Stony Brook?

I guess SFU is pretty good. They are 26-17 now and they also won 2 of 3 game vs Maryland this year and they also beat UConn and Iowa State. But still…

SFU is good. They’ve strung 3-4 nice seasons together and played in the NCAA regionals last year. Nevertheless, a B1G team shouldn’t be getting whipped by SFU in a doubleheader. I like Amanda Lehotak, but nothing seems to be working for her right now. After promising improvement in her second and third seasons, her fourth and now fifth have been terrible. I’ll be surprised if Barbour doesn’t make a change after the season finishes.

they have no pitching and really have maybe two consistent hitters. I think its time for a change at the top as this year 5 and they have gotten worse over the years not better.

I’m not at all surprised SFU beat PSU. But yes, they should be doing better than this.

I’m quite surprised at the PSU roster as I had heard years ago, Lehotak was only recruiting west coast girls. So much for rumors.


Bucknell hired the perfect coach. Joey Lye will be highly sought after in the near future. Lehotak missed out on plenty of very good Pa/NJ players that chose SFU, Bucknell… etc.

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They may not win another game this year

Wow, last place PSU, 4-16 in the BT so far this year just beat 2nd place Minnesota 2-1 in 8 innings on the road who was 15-3 in the BT.

Then on Saturday lost 19-0 in 5 innings.

Sotball Season in perspective:

Overall Record: 9-41
Conf Record: 6-15
12x they were mercy ruled this season
1-5 against in state teams (RMU, SFU and Bucknell)
4 wins againt non-BIG schools
lost to Duke twice in there first year competing in softball


Hopefully they will do better next year since they only had three seniors on their roster this year.

They really need to find some pitching that is there biggest issue the have some solid hitters but not enough to go around. There best player is a sophomore so atleast that should help a little.

Not PSU, but the MSU gals sure had a good time after their upset of #1 seed Michigan in the BT softball tourney yesterday. :grin:

PSU loses to IU 4-2.