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OT: PSU Ice Hockey


Didn’t seem to matter as PSU took home a 4-2 win over the Gophers.


Hopefully it won’t matter tonight either.


Biro’s goal #1 on SportsCenter Top 10


Not PSU but Michigan is playing at Notre Dame outdoors today at Notre Dame Stadium in a BT hockey matchup.


Pink and black?


Maybe in conjunction with a “Return to Greenberg”?! :wink:


Former Nittany Lion Brett Murray is currently tied for the USHL scoring lead (technically 2nd because he has fewer goals scored than the leader) with 39 points. I can’t put my finger on why he couldn’t score for PSU.



Nice, modeled after America’s team, the New York Rangers, obviously. :grinning:



Was worried about that. Damn.


It’s a shame. But he was the captain of the gold medal winning team. So i’m guessing he has no regrets. Hopefully he is ready for next season and is fully recovered.


Don’t like them… Think the other alt-greys were much nicer. I’m not a fan of faux laces and I don’t care for the diagonal Penn State.


I agree. I like the other grey ones better too.


I know it is early yet in the BT season but last night PSU won and OSU and ND both lost. So PSU moved up from 6th place to 4th place in the BT standings.

Tonight we need PSU to protect home ice and win again. Also root for ND to beat Minnesota and for Michigan to beat OSU again tonight. That would move PSU into a tie for 2nd place with OSU and only 1 point behind 1st place Michigan.


So much for my wishful thinking, PSU, ND, and Michigan all lost tonight. :expressionless:


PSU was just off all night tonight. A lot of shots but no screens in front. Jones was shaky.


Penn State Splits Series Against MSU, Hopes for an NCAA Bid Not Dead Yet | Roar Lions Roar


Splits aren’t good enough, especially against mediocre teams. They couldn’t even sweep MSU at home. Going into the season, I didn’t think this was an NCAA tournament team. I got hopeful early but it is playing out as originally anticipated. Team has the ability to beat or lose to anyone. Sorta like the BB team.


PSU has played very well four of its last five games. Sweeping Wisconsin at home this weekend is doable, but I can’t see them sweeping ND on the road. Just win the damn BT tourney like they did two years ago. :slightly_smiling_face: