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OT: PSU Ice Hockey

And somehow Barratt wasn’t mentioned by CHN. I like reading CHN, but to put Folkes over Barratt is a head scratcher to me.

Home opener Friday night vs Sacred Heart. Fight on State! :ice_hockey:

Does anybody know why Pavylchev is not playing for PSU?

Minor injury - listed as day-to-day.

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For sure! Hopefully a wake up call.

Best, most complete game I’ve seen psu play in a while. Jones was really good.

Granato really flipped a switch with the recruiting and Wisconsin is only going to get better as the year goes on. Worked out well to get them at home early in the season.

Tonight should be interesting. Wisconsin will come out with an edge. Crowd should be much, much better.

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Yes, tonight should be interesting. And I think that PSU may be looking for revenge for this cheap shot last night.

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Hopefully the revenge they seek is just another a$$ beating and not trying to injure someone. Ahcan was in the box right before that for a similar hit on Gratton that got reviewed, but luckily Gratton saw it coming and didn’t take a shot to the head. I’m not sure what his attitude is toward this type of hit, but hopefully Granato sits Ahcan tonight if for no other reason than to keep the game from getting out of control.

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B10 hockey officials are really awful

Great win tonight and big sweep of the series. Team looks much better defensively this year. And won despite not getting much from the Barratt line. He is struggling a bit.

Really like the freshmen line. They bring a lot of energy and should only get better.

Best Peyton has played in a while.

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