OT: PSU- Hawai'i WVB Update: Interviews w/ PennStateFan, Hawai'iFan & NeutralFan


It’s the day before the much anticipated 2009 NCAA Women’s Volleyball National Semi-Final match between #1 ranked Penn State Nittany Lions and the #3 ranked Hawai’i Rainbow Wahine.

I asked two fans – one favoring each school (in a burst of inspiration, I decided to call them Hawai’iFan and PennStateFan) to give me their thoughts about the match and how it may play out. They were kind enough to indulge me. I’ve posted their answers on DigNittanyVolleyball: http://www.dignittanyvolleyball.com/?p=4818

I also did an interview with a self-described neutral observer. Here’s the link to that interview: http://www.dignittanyvolleyball.com/?p=4846

Love, peace and volleyball!


That freakin’ site is ridiculous. Where do you find the time? Nice work.


Thanks tjb - much appreciated. The answer to “where do you find the time” is “very, very early in the morning and very, very late at night.” :slight_smile:


I enjoyed reading as well, very nice job.


Solid work indeed, nyline.

Just as a reminder, the Ladies play tonight at 9:00 on ESPN2. I love to watch a powerhouse, well-coached team in action, no matter what the sport. This match should be a really good one to watch.


Haven’t seen a mention of Russ Rose’s 1,000th career victory.


WOW-great job on your web site NYLine!
I’ve added it as a new favorite-THANKS!