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OT: PSU Football


Quite an experience for fans after the stretch of Robinson, Godwin, Gesicki and Barkley.


Hard to understand how a coach could have such a big impact on the ability to catch the ball in one year.



It’s like when a basketball team cannot shoot free throws or misses a lot of layups. Do you blame that on the coach?


There CAN be a lot to this. Having a RB coach working with the WRs was very much less than ideal. Sometimes it’s the little things, the mental approaches, sometimes, it’s drills that a WR coach puts you through.
I remember a few years ago there being a feature with a college WR group that used to catch tennis balls fired from a ball machine. The footballs looked HUGE and slow after trying to catch an 80 MPH tennis ball. I doubt a RB coach form Army would think if things like that.
(Qualifier… I wasn’t there, I don’t know for sure. Just pointing out that coaching can make a difference)


This is sad, and I found it tough to watch, but what a powerful message! God bless you Tim.


Wow. Just wow. Very powerful. Great words to live by for those who are struggling with dealing with what life has dealt you. Thanks Cappy.


So true my friend, one day at a time.


The issue was more likely the route running and lack of separation.


Just saw this! It was awhile ago but neat to bring up the possibility of taking on a Big 12 opponent that isn’t WVU too.



“What, you thought that first half puntathon was bad?! Ladies and gentlemen, Maroon 5!!”



It’ll be interesting to see what the ratings were out of this one. Everything about this year’s super bowl was pretty boring and hard to watch.


It even felt like lead up to it was kinda bland as well. The excitement was not there for it at all, could it have been because of the NFC championship game controversy. Believe me Brees vs Brady would have filled the headlines for two weeks over this match up we had.


That was easily the worst Super Bowl I’ve ever watched, stopped watching after the 3rd quarter.


It was definitely a Super Bore!


That shows you how much the appetite for entertainment has pervaded football. That was old-school, smash-mouth, stonewall defense, the kind of game JoePa and Woody would have considered real American football, not basketball on grass. It wasn’t a case of offensive ineptitude; more that both defenses were magnificent. The DLs dominated and I didn’t see many receivers running open for either side.


Hooray! First of all, because I had a dog in the fight (Go Pats!), the game seemed pretty tense to me throughout. The Rams seemed one play away from either tying the game or going ahead at any time (until the end). It didn’t occur to me that ANYONE thought it was a boring game until I read so many opinions to that effect this morning! And I was just thinking about Joe Paterno this afternoon. He would have loved that game (and I did, too). It reminded me very much of a pitchers’ duel in baseball or of an old fashioned heavyweight fight back in the day. The defense was outstanding.


Joe seemed to think the game was about whether your guys could push around their guys - that was the whole measure of success.

Say what you will about the tenets of that view, at least it was an ethos.

It looked like the playoffs were the first sign that physical strength has caught up with all the misdirection stuff (which I enjoy watching). The pros have enough time to teach/practice, I hope college doesn’t catch up to it as well.


To each their own, but if you think a 13-3 game is entertaining, then we are on completely different wavelengths. The Super Bowl last year was way more entertaining from a neutral perspective. Not to mention I think basketball is a much better sport than football for a variety of reasons.