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To say that he is transferring from Georgia is still speculation… He may end up doing just that. However, from all reports that I am seeing here in the Atlanta, Athens area no decision has been made. He is considering that, and is apparently looking into interest and options.
I will be surprised if he does stay at UGA, but so far nothing official on his departure.


This is just one of many online links that reports that he is transferring. But in this article his stepmom will not confirm that he is transferring. Nuts.


I apologize. I should have read the column more closely.


Fake news?:grinning:


I’m the worst!



Pretty, pretty good:

Roar Lions Roar:
Introducing Penn State’s Class of 2019 Early Enrollees
Enrolling early has proven to give recruits the advantage of playing sooner in their careers. Here are the recruits that will have that upper-hand.

One five-star, 16 four-stars, one three-star:

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ABC/ESPN play-by-play commentator Dave Flemming said McSorley’s drop in completion percentage from 66.5 to 53.5 “was not all drops.”

Roar Lions Roar reports that he had 32 drops this year.

Were they catches, his completion percentage would be 63.4%.


Clearly, his 2017 completion percentage included some drops.


Yet he just went back into the game.


Can’t understand why on earth we would kick a field goal there late in the 4th… down 6 points, with all the momentum, 4th and about 6 yards… what’s the benefit?

First of all, there’s no guarantee you make the field goal the way things were going today, we already missed 2 very make-able ones. Even if you do, you still need a touchdown to win or another field goal to tie it and you’re going to give them better field position by kicking it off than if you just turned it over on downs inside the 10 or so.

Of all the possible outcomes there, you could argue making the field goal might be the worst possible one. We end up unable to stop them from picking up 2 first downs and give trace 1 trick play to try to win it instead of putting the ball in his hands on 4th down.

I’m a big Franklin supporter but he blew that decision in a big, big way.


Hindsight is 20/20. Had we stopped them and gotten the ball back, down only 3, with 2 min left you would be singing a different tune.


I watched Silver Linings Playbook last night and cracked up when DeNiro was yelling about Andy Reid calling a timeout.

Today, I was yelling (alone) that PSU was pulling an Andy Reid.

The rationale obviously was hold them and get in field goal range for the tie.

Would like to see the analytics on that one!


Not me. I didn’t like the decision at the time. Give your best player a chance to win the game. That was the time to be aggressive. A chance to take the lead. If not, you can still make a stop and get ball back. Not like our FG was automatic today. Being aggressive there was the right thing. Better than a fake punt from your own 30.


Also did not like the decision at the time. Not sure that OT vs. KY works in our favor given KY’s strong running game.

If we get 7 KY has to go 50-60 yards for a potential game-winning FG, which I don’t think they could have done given their offensive limitations. That I thought was a risk worth taking.

Perhaps Franklin was trying to keep his options open on our last possession to either win the game with a TD or send it to OT with a FG. Still would have preferred taking the chance to put the game away with a first down and subsequent 4 downs.


Why would I? Then we’re down 3, have to drive the ball AGAIN and then still score a touchdown to win… or risk another field goal to send it to overtime.

When you are already having field goal problems, why would you ever want to be in the position to try for two of them?


Agreed. Plus why in the hell play for tie and OT in a bowl game, play to win in the 4th quarter.


We lost the game in the first half by letting UK get and then play with a lead. That is the only way their one dimension offense could win the game.
For the record, I would’ve gone for it instead of kick the FG.


Should have gone for it on 4th down, but I agree that 1st half special team woes and the continued drops were the real killer.