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OT: PSU Football



Actually I think PSU has done a really good job arranging and publicizing the alternative parking





Man this sucks for Senior Day.


My hat’s off to anyone who braves this mess today. I was just downtown (getting my car from last night) when it started to rain. The rain was freezing on everything when it hit. I already slipped and fell once (fortunately not hurt). If the temps don’t warm up a bit, things are going to be really ugly. Downtown was dead last night and I can’t imagine too many people are going to look at this mess and decide to head to the game today (my butt will be firmly entrenched on my couch right through the game, then watchin ice hockey streamed on BTN2Go, followed by my TiVo recording of the women’s VB match).

Today might wind up being our worst fannies in the seats attendance in decades.




I thought that Penn State fans complaining about Franklin made us the dumbest fan base ever, but apparently some Clemson fans have complained about Dabo Swinney.

So we’re not even the best at that! No accountability!


Maybe I am a dummy but I am not happy that JF is
3-11 vs OSU, MSU, and Michigan since he has been PSU’s head coach.


On that particular aspect, If anyone IS happy, they would be the dummies. Outside of that aspect there is a lot to be pleased with!


Seems quite a bit unfair to hold the 2014 and 15 seasons against Franklin considering the roster and how good MSU was during that time particularly.


I’m pretty sure JF’s PSU teams blew double digit leads vs MSU and OSU and lost to both teams the last two years. That has nothing to do with 2014 and 2015. Is that unfair too?


What are you talking about? I’m just saying that the Penn State team Franklin inherited was nowhere near OSU, MSU or UM in 2014 or 2015. Since 2016 we are 3-6, obviously we have near misses and easily could’ve won 4 of these games and came up short.

I just don’t know why you’d just say “well we’re 3-11 against these teams,” because it’s obviously, at best, a misrepresentation and assumes Penn State should be .500 or better against them when they were clearly not equipped to compete with them over a part of the sample.


Sorry if you can’t understand what I’m talking about, which are simply facts.


What about my responses to you indicates that I don’t understand Franklin’s record against these 3 teams? It’s pretty clear you are stripping all context for whatever reason, and if that’s what you want to do, fine. Don’t say I’m not understanding you though when I clearly do.





Just saw that Justin Fields is transferring from Georgia. :thinking: