OT: PSU football, good news, bad news


Royster Returning To Penn State For Senior Season


Bowman heading into NFL Draft



Saw this over at FOS. Little surprised about Bowman, I definitely didn’t want him to leave. Royster is such a subtle RB, its tough to say he was ready for the NFL but I can’t see his stock rising by much after this upcoming season.


If Royster had the offensive line of the 2008-09 this season he would have gone nuts. The younger line hurt that some.

Royster is a talented back, he reminds me of Brian Westbrook. Not fast, but a good cutter and a good runner.


No surprises with Bowman. He’s got a kid, a degree, and a boatload of talent. No reason not to go.

Royster must not have gotten a favorable review from the Advisory board. He’s got a great shot at being the all time leading rusher.


The NFL, more than any other pro league, values “measurables”. Royster’s main skills - his patience, good feet, and overall shiftiness - are not really measurable. But they will probably translate into at least moderate pro success. When he does come out, he’s going to slip lower on the NFL boards because his measurables aren’t going to blow anyone away, and some team is going to get a good value on him.


Hayes also to NFL