OT: Post play (lack of it)


I couldn’t be in more agreement with this writer. IMO, if Edwards and Brooks don’t post up, Sasa’s going to play. It’s his game, and it’s a winner’s game. As Kobe and Carmelo are two of the best in the league at it, our forwards don’t have to be just “wings”(D’oh, that hated word again). When I hear of a player described as a wing, I picture a forward who’s not tough. If you’re a forward who can shoot, great, but not at the expense of banging inside. Larry Bird could shoot. Larry Bird could post up. Larry Bird was not a wing. It’s in the forward’s job description to post up and play inside. Not in the wing’s job description, which is why I hate the term.

Liked this part from Kevin McHale. Hits the nail on the head.

Because of this new emphasis (or negligence, depending on how you look at it), we have players that just aren’t that comfortable handling their business in the post. McHale says that the close quarters in the paint scare some guys away. "If a guy is not comfortable with the ball down there with those bodies around, especially when it comes to making decisions, then he’s going to get out of there and get the ball on the wing where there’s more space.



Larry Bird could also pass like a guard.