OT: Political Ads


Tuesday’s special Senate election in Massachusetts has set in motion some heavy spending by both sides. Ads have gone pretty nasty, and both Bill Clinton and President Obama are going there to help Coakley. While they’re often unfair, I happen to like negative ads. Probably the most famous, though it ran just once, was the Johnson Goldwater ad, shown below. Goldwater later said he thought it was fair. It only ran once supposedly because Johnson thought it was too much.

Democrat Daisy TV ad for 1964 Presidential Campaign

This ad, by David Zucker, was for the Bush 2004 campaign. RNC people were so shocked by it, it never ran. Is it worse than the above? I would have loved to have seen this on TV.

The David Zucker Albright Ad


Seriously, is that 2nd ad for real?


Yes and no. Zucker was paid to produce it, but it scared the RNC. I saw an interview with Zucker on it, and he wanted it run and said they wouldn’t do it. He thought the RNC was chicken. Zucker is a Hollywood movie producer, and his credits include Scary Movie and Airplane, so these seem to be in that vein. Here’s another one I never saw, actually til tonight. Don’t think this one ran either. I was looking for the interview with him which I saw a while back about the Albright ad.

They’re a bit long, but IMO, humor should be used. It gets the message across.

This one might be worse. But how do you respond to an ad like this? If you acknowledge it, and try to answer it, you’ll be laughed at.



Well, since the ad is pretty much untrue, I would probably start there.